To all the Uncle Grandpa haters

TheReviewer20 Uncle Grandpa. One of the most hated shows on modern Cartoon Network. I am one of the few fans who can stand up to defend it. Please don't kill me.

Uncle Grandpa is despised among the cartoon community, and for good reason. It's surreal, slightly annoying, and doesn't have a overarching plot. My weird sense of humor allows me to enjoy this show. But it seems that Uncle Grandpa haters seem to like a show very similar to Uncle Grandpa. A show that started a horrible trend of shows just like it. That show was...

The Ren and Stimpy Show

Personally, I think The Ren and Stimpy Show is ok. It's a good cartoon, it just doesn't appeal to me like it does to other people. But, somehow, it is liked more than Uncle Grandpa despite the glaring similarities between each other. Don't believe me? They both have:
  • A good intentioned idiot as one of the main characters
  • A smart guy with signs of depression as one of the main characters
  • A popular form of media used as an episode's plot
  • Fourth wall breaks
  • The main characters live in a mobile home
  • Good morals
  • Below average animation for their times
  • An odd superhero
  • Annoying voices
The only thing Ren and Stimpy have that Uncle Grandpa doesn't is the gross out humor. I'm actually thankful for that. I hate gross out humor.

Let me get something straight: I don't dislike Uncle Grandpa haters. It's just that I wanted to express my concern for their reasoning. But hey, if you hate Uncle Grandpa, could you please tell me why below? Besides, something we can all agree on is that TTG doesn't deserve to get considered for an Emmy.


Uncle Grandpa hater here

Note: I've never seen The Ren and Stimpy Show

I hatet because it's disgusting. Uncle Grandpa farts and burps all the time and also asininely clones himself all the time. Not only that, the show also has an odd obsession with bodily functions, like Uncle Grandpa being able to pull a foot out of his mouth etc. The character I hate most is Pizza Steve. He's an absolute d******* to Mr. Gus and to everyone around him.

Also, I have a message for Pete Browngardt: You do realize that if someone is your uncle and grandpa at the same time it means you gave birth with your grandmother and then you gave birth again with your daughter who is your aunt, right?

Think about it. - TwilightKitsune

I didn’t mean you, because I can see where you come from and I respect your opinion. I’m talking about the blind haters who only hate on it because Casey Alexander is on it, or the fact that it’s kinda weird. - TheReviewer20

Casey who? - TwilightKitsune

I hate Uncle grandpa because it's disgusting, weird and unoriginal. I hate pizza Steve the most. He is such a jerk to Mr.Gus. Also an uncle and a grandpa mixed together? That does not make any sense. I respect your opinion TR20, but that's me and Twily's opinion. And no I am not a blind hater. I just think body functions, cloning and farts/burps are disgusting and don't make sense. But if you like it that's fine. Just respect mine back please - visitor