I apologize

TheReviewer20 Hello there. This is TheReviewer20 with a special announcement. I have to tell you guys something. This means more to the people on the TTT DOT COM band then it does to other people.

I'm sorry about the way I acted. Since I'm pretty new here, all I want to do is get noticed. I've learned growing up that all publicity is good publicity. I guess I'm wrong. I was a jerk. I constantly annoyed people by trying to rustle. I let my ego get the best of me by not admitting when I lost, and it eventually got me banned for it. Everything my BAND members said about me was true. I hope you guys/gals accept my apology and let me rejoin. If not, let's just hope that we forget about this and agree to call this water under the bridge.

So, what do you say?


Just so you know, I'm not asking to be let back in. I'm asking for forgiveness. But if I'm let back in, that's cool to. - TheReviewer20

Or you could just impersonate someone else and make this whole post meaningless - LarrytheFairy

Well, you were taught wrong. VERY wrong.

You get one more chance. If you screw up, you're leaving and no apology is going to work. We've already dealt with too many users saying they'll reform and end up failing. - DCfnaf

Yeah, sure. You seemed fine from the start to me, but sure, you got your redemption. - ProPanda

And a few days later you're trying to "rustle" us and you think I live in Canada. - Therandom