Top 10 Reasons Why Amazing World of Gumball Should Not Get Cancelled

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1 It's One Of The Most Creative Shows On Cartoon Network

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It really is creative.

2 Darwin Is In It
3 Unlike Most Shows, It Actually Has A Story
4 Teen Titans Go Might Take Over Cartoon Network

I have enough with Teen Titans Go so I hope it will get cancelled later.

I'm just imagining an epic fight between the two shows where Gumball wipes the floor with the Titans. - Synchronocity

Agree! And TTG is the worst show on CN and CN would suck then.

Yeah! Let me give you a look at Christmas 2018 and New Years Day 2019. Say you take a look at the CN schedule on the week of Christmas. CN still has 8pm for an hour of Gumball. You see the schedule. And what's on during Christmas makes you say "Woo-hoo! It's a Gumball MARATHON on Christmas! " Gumball, is playing more than any show that week. The next week is the week of January 1st. CN just lost 8pm. You look at the schedule, to see that while Gumball had a total of 116 episodes that week, TTG had 127. You scream "NOOO! " And that's how it was the next week. And the week after. TTG is taking over CN.

5 It's Popular
6 It Has Good Quality
7 The Humor Is Great
8 It Has A Lot Of Fourth Wall Breaks
9 Ms.Simian Is A Funny Character
10 I Laughed So Hard At ''The Puppy'' That I Actually Wet My Pants