Reasons Why Userguy44 Should Get Unsuspended

This was supposed to be a community list but somehow ended up as self moderated.

The items in this list have been selected by the author of the list for you to vote and comment on.
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1 He didn't do anything wrong

We miss you, userguy! I remember that you were the first to comment on my first list and really helped my popularity! RIP userguy!

The Galactic Empire has sent a rescue team to save Lars

I know. Wish he never deleted his account.

Tf did he even do?

2 He is nice to everyone

I think it became self-moderated because other users could add strange items if it was a community list. Not sure, but I think that’s why it became self-moderated. I mean, trolls could add items if it was a community list. ~ Userguy44

I miss talking to him


3rd nicest user.

3 He is a great user

One of the greatest users.

Also agreed

4 Everyone misses him

This whole list I 100 percent I agree with!


5 He can't make his great content while suspended

Don't worry, as soon as I'm unsuspended, I'll continue making content. Also, thanks for making this list. You are awesome. ~ Userguy44

6 Nobody agrees with his suspension

Admin claimed this is a democratic voting site. Let's put that claim to the test.

7 He has been suspended for a long time

Enough is enough.

Well, he's finally back

8 His suspension came out of nowhere

I didn't even know he was suspended until now (early November)

9 There are other users who did horrible things and got away with it
10 Thebestuser wants him unsuspended

I'm the king of TheTopTens so if admin doesn't follow my command he's a traitor.

Well, we all want him unsuspended.

He got suspended for nothing.

God wants him unsuspended