10 Reasons Why Among Us is Better Than Fall Guys

It's been a huge debate. But Among us is better, and here is why.
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1 Games about teamwork and betrayal are better than free-for-alls.

Imagine creating a game of a certain type and because another game from a previous year has a character design similar to the characters in the other game (plus it's free) and not only it gets compared all the time but that other game overshadows it and the fanbase of the other game starts bullying and comparing you just by that
Are you guys younger than 14? Jesus, this is embarassing

2 Among Us is more fun than Fall Guys

It seems like different gameplay every time, unlike in Fall Guys, even if you are on the same map.

3 Among Us can be played flawlessly on mobile, unlike 3D Fall guys

Well, technically Fall Guys is mobile but remains glitchy. Besides, it released AFTER it died.

Fall guys is actually the best

4 Among Us has better fail compilations.
5 Fall Guys died quickly, but Among Us is popular now.
6 Fall Guys is glitchier than Among Us

Fall guys is actually better than among us

7 Among Us is free, but Fall Guys is not.
8 Among Us's costumes are better than the costumes in Fall Guys
9 Among Us has better YouTube videos

Fall guys is actually better

10 Among Us has better levels than Fall Guys