Nicki Minaj

Turkeyasylum Nicki Minaj is by far the worst "singer" of them all. She abuses autotune SO much. Nicki Minaj is a huge hypocrite, telling people to be nice, or don't insult someone, yet samg "Stupid Hoe". Speaking of that, it is the worst song ever made. There's all the profanity, the repetition, and the atrocious beat. And i bet someone got a seizure from the video. Anaconda is not better. I mean really, some person's butt is mentioned about 15 times in the song. When I heard the song for the first time, I wanted to murder the radio. Anaconda has an annoying beat, and one of the worst sets of lyrics ever. I hope Nicki Minaj could get lost in space, and I would not wish that on anyone else, not even Bieber.


true - simpsondude

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I don't get how people consider artists like Minaj as talented and high-class. - visitor

The world would be so much better if Minaj didn't even exist. - visitor