Turkey Rants: The War Of Hypocrisy

Turkeyasylum In case you don,t kniw what the war of hypocrisy is, let me explain. It's a pointless war with 2 staple users, Puga and SevenLizards. I happen to like both users, so I am on team neutral. But there is more about this war: Apparently, some users are taking sides. These include EpicJake on SevenLizards, and SuperHyperdude and ArchAces on Puga's. There's also a neutral side of pretty much any experienced user (PW, Britgirl, Keyson, etc.), as well as some others of us like Garythesnail, Letdot52, or CoolCat999. All this cyber war is doing is ruining SevenLizards' and Puga's images. But how did the war start? Arthur the Aardvark. Yèp. I said it. The bickering began over an ANIMATED AARDVARK! Please, Puga and SevenLizards, end the war, forgive each other, and MOVE ON! It's enrsging all of us to an extent, so for the love of all things holy, END THE WAR OF HYPOCRISY!


For making this post, I must thank you. - Garythesnail

I'm not really wanting to be in the drama because I personally don't like Arthur myself but if SevenLizards is going to argue at everyone, well... - visitor

Meh. I didn't want to fight in a war. Just because you root for someone, doesn't mean you want to die for them. It's like the wives of soldiers coming to the battlefield to shoot the enemy. - visitor

Honestly, I never said that I wanted to be in it. I never wanted to be in drama my whole life! But the way Puga is doing things lately, y'know I don't wanna talk about it. - EpicJake

Eh? What kind of logic is that? - Puga