Cringe Worthy Puns- Dose #1- Medical Puns

Turkeyasylum Welcome to Cringe Worthy Puns- my new blog post series, where I make, you guessed it, Cringe Worthy Puns. With no further adue, let's begin with the medical puns.

I told my dermatoligist they were a waste of skin. They were mad at me to the second degree.

My dentist is going through a divorce. I won't bother trying to find the root of THAT problem.

Have you seen the documentary about constipation? It hasn't come out yet. (That one was SO original, wasn't it?)

A sick girl had a parrot. The parrot flu away a few years ago.

I said I used to be a plastic surgeon That raised quite a few eyebrows.

I once had a heart attack in a game of charades. Let me just say, that was a clsoe call.

Eric's doctor told him he had Cancer and Alzhimer's. He replied: "At least I don't have cancer" (This one isn't a pun, it's just a good joke!)

So, now I think you've goe through enough groaning, so I will let you go.

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