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Turkeyasylum Atrocious Animation- Something From Adventure Time, A Pal For Gary, Something From Breadwinners, Worst TDI Episodes.

Turkey Rants- Anaconda, SelfDestruct, Adventure Time, Miley Cyrus' Change Over Time

Ludicrous Lists- Overrated Users, Dating Britgirl, Dumbest Religions.

Cringe Worthy Puns- Food, Marching Band, TopTenners.

Amazing Animation- Dodgebrawl, Chocolate With Nuts, Best TDWT Songs.

Fun Facts- Turkeyasylum, Disney, United States.

History At Its Best- The Silk Road, Internet.

Everyday Conversations- Keyson and Britboy, Puga and SevenLizards, SelfDestruct and PositronWildhawk, Turkeyasylum and TotalDramaSucks.


What's wrong with AT? Seriously, what? - Garythesnail

I'd like to see that second Turkey Rant. - PositronWildhawk

I'd like to see the everyday conversation between Puga and SevenLizards. - PatrickStar

Id like to have a conversation with someone I also can't wait to have a pun about me - simpsondude