If each state was a Total Drama Contestant: Part 1 (The more obvious one

Turkeyasylum Sugar- Tennesee- Tennesee is home to c***ry music, and I find Sugar a rather "country" contestant.

Anne Maria- New Jersey- I am not going to comment further at all.

Sammy & Amy- California- For a while, they have been trying to split into north and south. And Sammy and Amy hate each other.

Lindsay- Florida- The parts of Florida with tourism and palms resemble her looks, and the swamps and shanties resemble her brains.

Arizona- Alejandro- It's scorching hot there, and everyone thinks Al is "hot". That, and Arizona has a high Hispanic population.

Owen- Alaska- Owen is the biggest contestant, and Alaska is the biggest state. Plus, it's close to Canada...

Sky- Colorado- She's a rugged outdoors person, and Colorado can offer just that. It's got mountains, lots of them.

Justin- Hawaii- The writers confirmed he has descents from Hawaii, and it's hot there, and people think on the show he is "hot".

Saide and Katie- Pennsylvania- The sides of Penn. are rather different, but the state gets along well, really well.

Courtney- Massachusetts- Mass. is home to Harvard, a prestigous law school, and Courtney is interested in law...

Lightning- Alabama- Whike they have a good football team, they are the cockiest team ever!

Bridgette- South Carolina- While people know that South Carolina is Myrtle Beach, Bridgette js a HUGE beach person.

Izzy- West Virginia- Izzy is psycho, and people think of dem' psycho hillbillies in WV often about the state.

Part 2 coming soon.


All of these make perfect sense. Nice! - alexcousins

Duncan could be Michigan due to Detroits high crime rate - simpsondude

Yep. - Therandom