Top 10 Most Relatable Personality Traits

Here are some personality traits that I view to be the most relatable. This is mainly a self moderated list because it mainly reflects my own opinions on the most relatable personality traits, but you can still comment on my list if you want to express your own personal opinions on the personality traits you find to be the most relatable.
The items in this list have been selected by the author of the list for you to vote and comment on.
The Top Ten
1 Determination

The most relatable thing about determination to me is how you are desperate to do well in whatever subject you are eager to contribute with. No matter how many times you try your hardest in a test at school for example, you are desperate to not give up and do the best you can, no matter what.

2 Socially Awkward

I am generally an awkward and clumsy person in real life when it comes to social interaction and I am absolutely awful at starting conversations with other people.
Many people could relate to the socially awkward type who struggle to come up with a decent conversation and sometimes don't know what to say when others are socially talking to you.

I can relate to this. I'm like that in real life tbh...
But, I did kinda improve my social awkwardness a little bit.

3 Introverted

Introverted means you are quiet, reserved and shy. You don't like to talk very much either. Many people can relate to the personality of an introverted guy as well since you might be a little quiet and shy at times as well.

I am more extroverted but I do like to be alone sometimes. But most of the time when I'm alone I get bored

4 Mature

I can personally relate to people who have good maturity and are very sensible. I like the kind of people who are very rational when it comes to working hard at school and are usually very chill, friendly and intelligent about a lot of things.

can't relate too much. I am 9 in my head

5 Understanding

By understanding, I mean that as in, you are easily able to give others another chance, due to compassion and sympathy for others. Some might relate to the type of person who shows sympathy, generousity or kindness to many people easily, since it's always good to give others another chance, if they are desperate to change for the better.

pretty palatable

6 Hard Working

It's good to try your hardest at a subject. For example: At school, I try my hardest in all of my subjects including the ones I don't like. Many people could relate to how hard working an individual is for example, by putting effort into what they do such as school work, art, drawing, painting, writing, cooking, making things, etc.

7 Laid Back

The types of people who are easy going, relaxed and chilled out are also very relatable in my opinion. In other words, you might relate to an easy going and chilled out person is mostly very calm and doesn't get anxious or nervous easily.

8 Modest

In other words, a modest person would be very humble, bashful, coy and friendly. Some people could relate to the kind of person who is modest, kind, humble and coy, since these are very welcoming traits to have and you might be someone who is like this as well.

9 Shy

The traits of being shy and anxious about certain things can be very relatable. For example: I am usually very shy when it comes to talking to people in real life and I get very nervous about my fears such as talking in front of the whole entire class, meeting new friends, playing certain sports in PE such as dodgeball or dance, riding on a bike, etc.

10 Loneliness

You could relate to the trait of other people feeling lonely since you might be a lonely person as well who doesn't have much friends in real life and often spends lots of time in your room.
However, the personality trait of feeling alone by yourself a lot can be changed by spending more time with your parents or even make more friends. But then again, I think everybody could be lonely at one point in their lives.