Top 10 Activities and Hobbies You Would Like to Rate

Hobbies and Activities are basically your daily interests or things you would do for enjoyment. This includes getting exercise, doing art and crafts, reading or writing books, etc. I am also voicing some of my personal opinions about many different activities and hobbies that I have experienced in my life.
The items in this list have been selected by the author of the list for you to vote and comment on.
The Top Ten
1 Swimming Swimming is an individual or team sport and activity. Competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports, with events in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

7.5/10 Swimming is very good for you. Sure I am not the best swimmer out there but it's a lot of fun and you can get plenty of exercise. I remember when I used to do swimming lessons in my older schools as well.

8.5/10, I do very much enjoy swimming, it's something I'm good but not amazing at but I remember so much fun things, splashing around in the pool with my family in a tropic environment, swimming is fantastic

4.5/10 I love playing sports, but I’ve always been terrible at swimming.

2 Bowling

8/10 Bowling is a lot of fun. I remember doing this many times when I was on holiday or at a party. Sure you might miss when you try to throw a ball at the bowling pins, but I really enjoy playing this sport with my family members a lot. It's even more fun when you are playing the game with friends.

7/10, bowling is great, but I've only done it a few times (I'm actually pretty good surprisingly)

7/10 but none of my other friends seem to like playing it, so I play alone.

3 Drawing

9.5/10 Drawing is one of my favourite things in life. It is a work of art and imagination. You can draw whatever you like and whatever is on your mind. The more time and effort put into your drawings the better.
Examples of things I like to draw include: Animals, Landscapes, trees, skies, planets, the ocean, Fictional Characters from Video Games, Anime, Cartoons, etc.

I shall do this with a 7.5 being an average or so.
Drawing would be a 6.5/10, because though it is extremely imaginative and fun, especially with drawing games, I wouldn't consider it a hobby for me and I can't rate everything good

7/10 I used to play drawing games like, but that has a toxic community.

4 Reading/ Writing Books

9/10 Writing is a form of creativity. You can write down your own feelings, some notes to help you remember something and or even your own stories. Reading books is also good for you. Helps take away stress and sometimes improves your knowledge. You even can use your imagination to picture the stories in your head by reading the words on the paper, like a movie.

9.5/10 oh my goodness this is extraordinarily amazing, Reading and Writing books are absolutely awesome, writing stuff is great, reading stuff is amazing, this had to get a really high rating

2/10 movie better because see thing brain release dopamine 😃

5 Playing Sports Association football, more commonly known as football or soccer, is a sport played between two teams of eleven players each. It is played with a spherical ball. The objective is to score the ball in the other teams goal.

Unpopular Opinion: 5/10
I really apologize for saying this but I don't really like a lot of sports (It's only an opinion. It's fine if you like sports though). I am rating it a 5/10 though because even though I don't particularly like playing sports because I think it's difficult and extremely exhausting for the most part, I do admit it's good exercise for your body.

3/10 PE was an awful subject, not going to lie.

I certainly do enjoy playing sports, but then again I play them competitively, so it's not so much of a hobby, I would consider it more of a thing I have to do, because hobbys aren't exactly tense

7/10 it’s a fun way to get outside, have fun and exercise. Soccer and football are some of my favourite sports to play.

6 Decorating

8/10 I really enjoy decorating things. I mostly do this at Christmas for my Christmas tree and my overall home. It's a lot of fun making your house look more colourful by adding lights, tinsels, ribbons, etc.

7.5/10 I definitely enjoy decorating for things like Christmas, because I love Christmas more than probably anyone reading this, and it gets me in the christmas spirit, but otherwise it's sometimes almost a chore.

7 Painting

8.5/10 Similar to what I said about Drawing, Painting is all about imagination. Just use your imagination to create your own masterpiece. The more time and effort put into your painting, you are most likely to create a fine art of work with your painting. I mostly use watercolor paint when I paint things.

6/10 when I was really young, I remember I used to get tons of paint and smash it everywhere and call my "masterpieces" "storms", so painting will always have a place in my heart, but I rarely do it anymore.

6.5/10 would’ve been better if I didn’t have an art teacher who completely ruined this subject for me. Other than that, drawing is awesome.

8 Cycling

4/10 Don't really like riding on bikes to be completely honest. Ever since I was a child, I struggled riding bikes. I would often fall off or panic. Even though cycling is good exercise, I am giving it quite a low rating because riding a bike gives me bad memories and I am just really scared of falling off a 2 wheeled vehicle.

8.5/10 I do it competitively, but I always finish last, near last, or sometimes around the middle.

9/10 Cycling is one of my absolute favourite hobbies, whether it's racing down the street with friends or family or going down those awesome trails in the ravine near my house

9 Cooking

6.5/10 I rarely cook or bake foods by myself and my parents often cook the food for me, but it's a cool hobby to start making your own food such as baking cakes, cooking a barbecue or in general, just making a good breakfast, lunch or dinner for yourself.

8/10 I do really, really enjoy cooking, though I much prefer baking. Cooking is a way to make new stuff, then you get to enjoy your handiwork later. It's a very subtle yet enjoyable art

Not only is cooking a blast, its also very helpful.. my family loves when I cook for them

10 Playing Instruments The piano is a musical instrument played using a keyboard, which is a row of keys that the performer presses down or strikes with the fingers and thumbs of both hands.

7/10 I don't play a lot of instruments in my free time but I remember playing the piano and it was rather pleasing. The beautiful sound of the instruments can take you to another world of your own.

6.5/10, I used to do this with the piano and have a lot of fun with it, but then I slowly stopped playing and now I'm not very good at it anymore. Then at school it was mandatory to join the band and having to practice my clarinet ruined instruments for me

6/10 I can play guitar but I suck at it.