Top 10 Things Users on TheTopTens Get Praised for Doing

By getting users getting praised, it doesn't always exactly make them "good" users on TheTopTens. It means that they get praised for doing many of the following on my list. Please don't take the order of this list seriously.
The items in this list have been selected by the author of the list for you to vote and comment on.
The Top Ten
1 Making High Quality Content

Many users of TheTopTens are considered good for putting lots of effort and detail into their lists, remixes, comments and post blogs, which could count as making high quality content. If you put effort into your lists and remixes for example, you are mostly likely to get a lot of praise from the community.

Oops! I made spelling typo mistakes in my comments with the word "Praised", by mistaking it for "Phased". At least the title got corrected when my list was approved. Everybody makes spelling mistakes at times though.

Good list! And since it seems like an appropriate time, I think I'll praise you for making high quality content, being creative, having a good variety of different content, balancing Both Content and Personality, Getting more than one high quality list, having good stats, improving as a user, being opinionated, being a nice person, and being a good friend.

At first, I put minimal effort into my lists, but now I try to put as many comments as I can and a description.

2 Being Creative

Creativity is good; if you try using your imagination to try and come up with unique content, many users are more likely to be interested in your content. Try bringing something new to the table such as using your imagination, instead of somewhat copying other lists without putting any sort of effort into it. Some of these lists could require some factual information about History, Theme Parks, Buildings, etc. as well, so you could do some research online whilst making these lists.

3 Getting More Than One Featured List

This seems to be the case with original and creative community lists with lots of accurate detail and effort being put into, being marked as high quality. If you get a featured list, more people are likely to either praise you or comment on your lists. This is considered a huge achievement if you manage to get more than one featured list and just remember this: Not everybody on this website can succeed in doing this, so please don't worry if you never got a list marked as featured.

One of the reasons I got a lot of praise was because of how many featured lists I had

sadly I don't have any

4 Balancing Both Content and Personality

How you could be considered a good user depends on other people's perspective/Point of view. You either like a user on this website for having a variety of making interesting, original and high quality content or simply for being a good friend who has a nice personality. Or you could like a user for being mature, opinionated and not afraid to roast the hypersensitive users who make bad or mediocre content.
If you balance these two traits well, you might come across as a likeable person, who makes very high quality content which is likely to be praised by many users on TheTopTens.

I usually alternate between subject when I upload a list. One week I'll put up something on music and the other on wrestling for example.

5 Improving as a User

Some users on TheTopTens might be praised for trying to redeem themselves. This could be done by improving your behaviour and personality by learning from your past mistakes or you can try improving your content such as putting some effort into it.
This can also be done by harsh criticism or even constructive advice given by other users on TheTopTens.
Either way, if you actually improve as a user, you are likely to get more praise by some people.

6 Having a Good Variety of different Content

A good variety of content means that you are most likely to have your audience thinking you have more interesting content to read through. For example: You could have a great variety of many lists discussing different topics that you are interested in. For example: Having lots of seperate lists about Sports, Video Games, History events, World Wars, Buildings, Countries, Drawing, Theme Parks, Movies, TV shows, Animals, music, etc. with lots of detail and effort put into is most likely to encourage more users to be interested in your content.

7 Having Good Stats

For example: Many old school veteran users on this website could be praised for being high in the stats. If you contribute well to the community with having lots of comments added, many high quality lists marked as featured, lots of images added, lots of remixes, etc., you are most likely to earn high stats and accomplishments. Stat paddling low quality content however, can be considered a problem by many people though.

8 Being A Nice Person or A Good Friend

I put this lower than the rest of the items on my list considering how being "nice" or a "good friend" doesn't always mean you are exactly a good user and making solid content seems to be more important on this website either way. However, many users on TheTopTens who have nice personalities, seem to be praised a lot for being kind, caring, sweet and overall a good friend, which basically means praising someone for having a good personality.
Of course this isn't a bad thing at all, but if you both balance personality and content well, you are heading in the right direction.

Edit: However, making good content seems to be more important than having a nice personality no offense.

@true, but many online friends do work out well

9 Being Opinionated

In other words, you could be praised for not being afraid to express your own opinions which can sometimes make you come across as unique compared to the rest of the community. The key thing is that it's good to just be yourself and be original about your opinions. You could even be bold enough to criticize a user, even if it comes across as extremely harsh.

10 Calling Out or Exposing Individual Users For Being in the Wrong

Not trying to bring up a lot of things from the previous years but there are some bad TopTenners who could be called out or exposed for doing something wrong, such as being hypersensitive, attention seeking, stat paddling low quality lists, feeding trolls, etc.

You are likely to get praise for exposing the bad people on this website or calling out others with harsh criticism. However, that doesn't really reflect on how you contribute to TheTopTens community, no offense.