Top 10 reasons why Bill Cipher is cool

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He has a good sense of humor

WALK IT OFF! - Pokemonfan10

He's a dream demon
His voice actor (Alex Hirsh) is a genius
He is an amazing villain

Not that good if he mistook Stan for Ford and got erased.still my fave character in Gravity Falls

Yes he's good - AlphaQ

He looks like a Dorito

He looks like illuminati - AlphaQ

Haha. - Britgirl

His achilles heel

He can't do anything unless someone makes a deal with him. - Userguy44

He can be very mad
He's very smart
His laughter is creepy

It's pure evil

Vote this to the the top. He has one the best evil laughs I've ever heard.

He's eccentric

yes - AlphaQ