Questions to Ask Users About Among Us

No desrctipon as i don't know what to write
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1 what color do you normally pick

Black, red, yellow, cyan

Purple. If that’s taken, Green. If that’s taken, Lime. If all three are taken, Red. If the four I mentioned are all taken, Yellow. And if Purple, Green, Lime, Red, and Yellow are all taken, Black.

Purple because it works with the fact that my name is Eclipsmon. That and black is often picked already.

Mostly Blue, but when it's not available, I try for cyan

2 Have you ever got caught venting

Ok I got caught venting today

I think I got caught once, but I waited at the meeting button, and killed the guy before he got any chance of using it so we will never knw if he was about to use it or not.

Kind of. I once faked cleaning vent and then someone else called the meeting saying I vented.

Yes I have. Was in reactor and accidentally vented in front of everybody

3 what is your favorite task

Taking out the trash, Sumbit scan (proving I'm not the imposter) but overall fixing the eletrical wires

The one in electrical where you have to tap the things when they go round the circle. Lmao I don't know what its called

Taking out the trash, fixing wires

My favorite task is killing.

4 what is your Username on among us

I'm not even gonna say mine anymore I change it too much

Sheep, as you can probably guess.

Bad Bleep, making fun of the TikToker Addison Rae

Kira, as from Death Note.

5 what is the dumbest thing you saw someone do

One time I was in a room ( I was a crewmate) we didn't even move EMERCENGY MEETING we were all like What? the person who called it said "oh I just wanted to see what this button did" we voted him out

One time, I was playing with my English teacher, and we got imposter together. She killed someone and just froze. I hopped in a vent and she just stood there. Someone saw her, but she convinced the crew to vote ME out!

Cyan got caught killing (I was also an imp)
So we voted him out, Before he was ejected he said : Good luck brown (Which is me). So I called a meeting and told everyone to vote me of, Thanks a lot, Cyan.

"Who tf killed my boi Blue?", said someone in a discussion, sounding as if he tried to sound innocent, but sounded like an imposter because of that, who appeared to be innocent in the end.

6 what is the dumbest thing you did

I vented in front of cyan to troll because he was in elec and elec doors were closed but someone called a meeting just to say black is safe

I killed yellow and then white (who happened to be yellow's sister) got the news from him and everyone voted me off. then I made a dumb mistake by saying "red will avenge you" in front of yellow. then yellow told white and they voted red off. then we lost

Doing a task, and not noticing there was a body right next to me. I got expelled because of this.

My partner (I was an impostor) had gotten caught, So he left. I just said 'lmao rage quit' and they started ganging up on me.

7 Do you have a pet in among us

Ok ok I have everything in the game now

I have two! They are both named NO

No it costs money.

No, it costs money

8 Imposter or crewmate

I know this is not an answer I’m just wondering how did this game suddenly become so popular it feels like it came out of nowhere?

Imposter, because I don't like when you are a crewmate, finished all your tasks and then get killed, leaving yourself nothing to do.

Crewmate but it gets boring when you get it over 6 times.

I personally like being a crewmate

9 what is the funniest thing you did in among us

Ok so pink (my imposter friend) killed in front of 7 people I did it too because why not they said its pink and black (I was red) unfortunaly pi nk got voted out but I can't believe I got away with that kill

When there were 3 people left and the 2 voted for eachother, I revealed that I was the impostor and then voted. That was a dirty move on my part.

when I was running around a locked room because I was locked in with the imposter. the funny part is that the door opened and I escaped alive.

I called an emergency meeting to tell everyone it's my birthday

10 Did anything in among us make you shocked/suprised yes

Ok so a second think happened to me (belevie this or not its true) one time I was imposter paired up with cyan, cyan ended up KILLING ME AT THE TABLE then cyan left then we lost

Someone once typed my name in the chat, it was a stranger. I left soon after.

When I first saw the yellow-red crewmate I was confused.

I saw hacker venting when I was the only impostor