Autistic Game Critic Episode #5 - Dexter's Laboratory: Mandark's Lab?

bobbythebrony Welcome to Autistic Game Critic where this week we will look at a largely unknown Playstation game about the hit cartoon, Dexter's Laboratory. I'll give you the rundown and we'll look at the good and weird things about it. Okay here we go.

In the game, Mandark, Dexter's rival, takes over his laboratory, and Dexter must find a way to reclaim it. It consists of 4 major levels where you must play several minigames in order to advance. You also must collect blueprints for a reason I cant remember.

Positives - This game is pretty decent for a game on the original Playstation. Whoever made the game obviously had seen the show as it follows several scenes from various episodes. The graphics are decent but not amazing. The minigames are also quite fun as they consist of auto racing, dodgeball, dancing, hockey and science.

Weird - Like most games, it has it strange moments. One is how Dexter walks, businesslike yet constipated. Also how often does Dexter have to dance with his sister just to get into his lab. Normally, he just pushes the rer button. It also has It's moments of cartoon violence as seen when Dexter must defuse a bomb.

As you can see, It's a good game for it's era. It is a really rare game and probably won't be found in many places. I just happened to find it at a Family Dollar.

Well that's it. Sorry this one is so short, but the game is abnormally short. Well thisis bobbythebrony saying: Til I see you again, watch your step.

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It was a good game - bobbythebrony