Blog Posts Update

bobbythebrony Hey TopTenners, Bobby here with an update on my future blog posts. First off, I tried to make this earlier but I somehow got logged out and I canceled it before it could submit so if that comes up just know that it was me. The new series that will take place every day that I feel like doing it, Bobby's School of Criminology, will be me profiling famous killers to teach ya'll and give tips on how to avoid becoming a victim. There was a lot more stuff that I don't wanna type again, so I'll explain the rest later and no, I am not doing this because of my psychoticness. Well I'll see ya'll tomorrow. Goodbye!


Are you gonna do a Q&A? Just wondering. - visitor

I did but it was deleted for some reason - bobbythebrony

Will you do a Q&A sometime in the future? - visitor

I did - bobbythebrony