Bobby's School of Criminology Part 1 -Jeffrey Dahmer

bobbythebrony For the first lesson on this unusual new blog post series, I've chosen the superstar of serial killing, Jeffrey Dahmer. A sexually offensive, cannibalistic serial killer, he preyed on the gay men of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Picking them up in gay bars, he brought them back to his apartment, got them incapacitated, then raped and strangled them to death. He then dismembered and cannibalized their remains. He was ultimately caught, convicted of 17 murders and sentenced to life in prison. He was murdered 2 years later in 1994. Now that you know the scenario, let's delve into his mind.

Dahmer was born in Bath, Ohio in 1960. He seemed to have a happy upbringing. In school, he was known as a class clown and even got his class to meet the vice president, but in high school things changed. He began to drink heavily, probably due to a sexual identity crisis. After high school, in 1978, he commited his first murder.

His first victim was a young man named Steven Hicks. After picking the hitchhiker up, he spent the day drinking with him. When he started to leave, Dahmer beat him to death with a barbell. He eventually dismembered the body and scattered the remains in the woods behind his parent's house. Before he killed again, he had joined the miltary, become asex offender, and work at a chocolate factory. Once he killed a second victim, this time while living in Milwaukee, he decided not to stop. He eventually killed 16 more men and teenage boys. He was almost caught when a victim escaped, but managed to fool the cops yet again and commit the murder. He was caught when his would be 18th victim, Tracey Edwards, escaped. When police searched his house, they found the dismembered remains and Dahmer was arrested. He was later sentenced to life imprisonment.

Dahmer was murdered in prison when a black man, who will call "Chris", beat him and another inmate to death with a broomstick.

Now let's profile dahmer.

Dahmer was a very insecure person, as seen by his gay crisis and his refusal to be the submissive partner. Also the fact he chose physically fit black and asian victims also speaks to his insecurities and his self worth. He wanted to have power, control, and dominance over his victims which is a trait of a sociopath. Dahmer, however doesn't seem to be a sociopath as dismemberment disgusted him and he had to be drunk to do it. Also the fact that he redeemed and became born again in prison, either means he is a good person at heart or a master manipulator. Finally, He is definately the most infamous serial killer of the 20th century, but is not the most evil

In conclusion, do not go home with someone you don't know. If you're gonna get involved with someone, do a background check first. It might save your skin, literally.

Well, that's all for now. I'll see ya'll later.

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Are you gonna do one on Mark David Chapman? - visitor

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