Autistic Game Critic Episode #6 -Ed, Edd, n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures

bobbythebrony Hello people and welcome to Autistic Game Critic where today we will look at an unknown game based on the popular cartoon Ed, Edd, n Eddy. The game, The Mis-Edventures, is a good example of a cartoon video game done right. The game is awesome and a must have for an Ed fan. Let's look at the positive and negative sides to this game. Animation - The animation is fluent and in sync with the show. Also consistent are these amusing cutscenes before and after each mission. Missions - You can play missions in any order except two which have to be unlocked. The missions are exactly what the show is all about. My favorite is the Edzilla mission which you can guess what its about. The final boss is the Kanker Sisters. The other two bosses are a Kanker Mutant and a giant cowboy robot. Moves - Each Ed has their own moves. Ed's move makes them go faster than a car, Edd's is a trampoline in order to reach high place, and Eddy's is a tower which unleashes stink bomb attacks. Ed can also pick stuff up and Edd has a slingshot. Eddy has something I cant remember. Some negative stuff is that if you die, all the neighborhood kids start laughing and calling you names. Seriously? There's also these annoying red squirrels that wont leave you alone. In all, the game is rare but awesome game. If you find it, give it a try.Itll be worth It. It only came out oon Playstation 2. well this is bobbythebrony saying: Til I see you again, dont be dorks (just kidding). Next Episode - Spongebob Game Trilogy


This game is amazing, I loved it as a kid. - Delgia2k

Me too - bobbythebrony

I love how they changed Double D's ruler to a red lightsaber in Rebel Robot Ranch. - visitor

Me too - bobbythebrony

It was funny how at the end of Ed on Arrival where Eddy stuffs his piece of the badge in Ed's nose. - visitor

Yeah kek - bobbythebrony

I can't believe they gave Jimmy an egg full of spiders. Haha! That's screwed up! - visitor

Kek - bobbythebrony

Rebel Robot Ranch is the most creative level of the game in my opinion. - visitor

Yeah a probablypal - bobbythebrony