Autistic Game Critic Episode #8 - Splinter Cell Trilogy

bobbythebrony This time on Autistic Game Critic, we will look at 3 of the Splinter Cell games so let's get to it.

Splinter Cell - The first Splinter Cell game was really good but had it's flaws. Its great that you get a training stage to learn everything before the first assignment. The graphics are good tooand it had a good plot and awesome gameplay. One of the flaws in the game is shooting people with the gun. A good part of the time the bullet will miss their head completely no matter how close you are. Also the same thing happens with your melee attack but with minor differences. Overall it is still a very fun game.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent - This game is different from the previous games as you area double agent and the game is decided by the choices you make, whether they be good or bad. I also like how in some levels, your melee weapon is a knife. It is also the game where sarah fisher "dies", making way for the next game. In the end, it doesn't matter. Sam gets found out. Not the best game but still fun to play, although I was sad at the death of Lambert.

Splinter Cell: Conviction - This one is my favorite and the obvious best Splinter Cell game. It has many new Unique Features. The first is Sam's character development. The most notable is the mark and execute, which let's you take down multiple enemies within seconds. It is also when Sam reunites with Sarah, his daughter. Many things about this game make it unique, which is awesome. A truly epic tale of love and revenge.

Well that's all for now. This is bobbythebrony saying: Til I see you again, watch your step.

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I also loved splinter cell conviction. It had awesome gameplay, great voice acting, a good story, and Sam had good character development - visitor

Yep - bobbythebrony

I agree with this. - visitor

Yay - bobbythebrony