Movie Review #1 - Avengers: Age of Ultron

bobbythebrony Ok, so I'm about to review this movie and I won't spoil the whole movie if y'all haven't seen it. So me, CaptainEevee, and his brother saw this movie at the local theatre last night. It was excellent and I'm glad I saw it. It was two abd a half hours long but it didn't seem it as the movie was so riveting and full of action that had you on the edge of your seat wondering what would happen next. So the movie starts out with a battle scene typical for an Avengers movie, but soon the theme of the movie really sets in. One of our heroes gets brainwashed by two people who later defect from Ultron, the antagonist, to the Avengers. Soon they're all brainwashed except for one and one Avenger gets it pretty bad. Only one thing to Say about Ultron: He's like an evil Iron Man and that's kinda creepy. It is also revealed that one Avenger has a family after he gets severely injured. There is also revealed love between Black Widow and another Avenger which at the end leaves you stunned at the outcome. So the movie is full of humor, epic battle scenes, and love as the Avengers fight to defeat Ultron and save their Organization. There are three new characters. One dies which saddened me and the other two live. At the end of the movie, three of our heroes leave but still remain Avengers I hope. So it Ends with Captain America training the New Avengers. Also, according to the ending, there will be an Avengers 3 and it will be more epic. So there you have it. Sorry if it was so s***ty, but I didn't want to spoil the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it. That fact aside, I definitely encourage y'all to see this movie. I hope everyone has a nice night and I'll see y'all later. Goodbye!


Still a great movie - bobbythebrony