Movie Review #2 - Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

bobbythebrony Ok so yesterday I saw this movie with my friends and while it wasn't as good as Avengers, I still thought it was a funny movie and here's why

So the plot of the movie is to stop the theft of priceless art work and rescue his kidnapped daughter and her friend. I personally thought most of the movie was hilarious but the villains weren't funny at all. They were all serious and stone-faced.

Some of the funny moments were when Paul bleat gets kicked by a horse, interrupted a play, got into a fight with a peacock, and much more. One thing that confused me was how the final villain was defeated. His daughter rubbed oatmeal lotion all over his face and while it was funny that his skin melted off, that was the best that they could come up with?

So there you have it. I again tried to not give away too many details but I hoped you enjoyed it and I think you will enjoy this movie if you decode to see it.

Well I guess I'll see y'all later. Goodbye!


Hey Bobby, I was wondering if you knew this. One of the actors in the movie, Vic Dibitetto, has his own YouTube channel and he made three rants on Justin Bieber. To you they may sound like your typical Bieber rants but you really need to see them. They describe everything that's wrong with America today. They're worth checking out. Trust me. - visitor

Yeah - bobbythebrony

What did you think of Vic Dibitetto? - visitor

They were wonderful - bobbythebrony