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darthvadern As you might know, I am a huge fan of the mario series, I have played the games since 2012 and am still loving them! However, the only mario games that I have truly played that much are the platformers. Funny enough, it wasn't until this year in January when I started to get really interested in the RPG's. I was at first only interested in the Paper Mario games, but later I also got really interested in the Mario & Luigi series as well. During my birthday, I got three of the Mario & Luigi games, which were Dream Team Bros., Paper Jam Bros. and this one of course. I have been so excited to play this game, and I was so glad when I got it! It's a remake of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga which was for the Gameboy Advance and also the first remake of a game in the Mario & Luigi series. I will look at the story, characters, music and gameplay in this review, without further ado, let's get started:

You know how most Mario games have the same story over and over agian? You know the Peach gets captured by Bowser and Mario must save her? Well, that's not the case in this game. In fact this game probably has the greatest storyline in a mario game along with Super Paper Mario, it's super unique! So basically, Peach's voice gets stolen by the evil witch Cackletta from Beanbean Kingdom, and Mario, Luigi and even Bowser must travel to Beanbean Kingdom and recover Peach's voice and defeat Cackletta once and for all. You see how unique the game's story is? It's great that it tried something new, and considering this was the first game in the Mario & Luigi series I am suprised it's this unique considering the first game in the Paper Mario series played it way safer with the story. On top of that! Since this is a remake, it even has a sub-game in it called Minion Quest: The Search for Lord Bowser! And judging by the title of the minion quest I think it's obvious what it is about, it's not as great as the main story but still a fun little beak from the main adventure. The story and creativty gets an A+ for me.

Not only is the game's story way better than every platformers story combined, the game also has so many excellent plot twists! I of course won't spoil them but they are excellent! It's like there's always a new plot-twist once you complete a boss or so. The most mind-blowing thing is that they don't even feel out of place! They are always at the best time possible and it's great! Nothing feels out of place, it's great!

Of course a game would be nothing without awesomne characters, and that's exactly what this game has! The villians of the game in particular stand out really well! Cackletta and Fawful. My personal favourite in Cackletta (unpopular opinion incoming) becuase she has the best design and best boss battles. Fawful on the other hand is really funny though, he speaks in broken english and it can get pretty funny at times, however, he's not one of my favourites, however he really is smart! And of course what would a mario & luigi game be wihout Mario and Luigi? They are very great in this game and I love their teamwork, Luigi especially is awesomne because of how hilarious he can be at times! Even Bowser is amazing in this game! He really shines in this game and has tons of great moments! Overall characters in my opinion get a B+ in my opinion.

Alright, now let's talk about gameplay! The gameplay is so smooth in this game! I love it! Compared to say Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. when gameplay feels a bit tedious and long, Superstar Saga has fast and smoth gameplay, the cahracters do not walk too slow and there's tons of different moves to master! It's great! And as this is an RPG, this has to have a turn-based battke system, and holy gods is this battle system great! It's fast and smooth and there's tons of different attacks to master, my favourites are the Bros. points! So basically everytime you learn a new type of move, you will not only be able to use it seperatly and generic(ly?) at enemies, you will also learn a teamwork move involving attacking the enemy wih both bros. at the same time and it deals more damage that a normal jump and so on, and using these bros. points often will result in the brothers learning a new and much stronger version of the bros. attack itself and it's great! however these moves run on bros. points so use them wisely. Gameplay in my opinion recieves an solid A+.

Alright, now it's time for soundtrack. Although soundtrack for the most part don't really matter since it dosen't really affect, characters and gameplay and so on, without the soundtrack though it would be much worse. And I have to say the soundtrack is pretty! They feel different and unique and almost all of them were great! Final Cackletta Battle, Beanbean Fields, Teehee Valley, Battle Theme, Cackletta's Theme, Bowser's Castle, VS. Fawful/Cackletta, The Marvelous Duo, Woohoo Hooniversity and A Strange Occurence are some very great songs in the game! These are some examples of great songs! Overall soundtrack gets an B from me.

Overall Opinion:
As you read, I gave story and gameplay A+, characters I gave a B+ and music got a B from me, This game truly deserves a solid 10/10 score because it's very creative, has an excellent story and gameplay, great soundtrack and some very great characters. I'd say this game is even better than the super mario galaxy games and that is saying something! Not many games come close to being as great as this game is!

Score: 10/10 or 96%

Other Info:

Console: Nintendo 3DS
Year Released: 2017
Metacritic Score: 81 and 8,4

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