Top 10 Characters from the Friday Franchise

For this list we will be looking at the top characters from the Friday franchise from the first movie Friday to its sequel Next Friday and Friday After Next.
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The Top Ten

1 Smokey

He made the first movie every scene with him is just hilarious.

"YOU GOT KNOCKED THE FUGG OUT!" My all time favorite quote from the movie.

2 Willie Jones

Played by the late John Witherspoon who also voiced Grandad in the Boondocks, next to Smokey is the second most hilarious character in the franchise just about every line he delivers is golden, he also delivers one of the most underrated scenes when he advice Craig against using a gun for protection and relying on his fists instead while also stating "You win some and you lose some, but you live to fight another day".

3 Craig Jones

The main character of the franchise whose always finding himself in one crazy situation after the other like getting mixed up with Smokey and his supplier Big Worm who threatens to kill them due to Smokey owing him money, to getting involved with Day-Day's crazy neighbors the Joker brothers and later getting into a fight with the neighborhood bully Deeboo.

4 Deebo

The neighborhood bully who steals and physically assaults anyone who dares to stand up to him or get back their stuff such as when he uppercuts Red sending him flying when he tries to get his bike back and then later assaults Debbie's sister Felisha when he accuses of her of trying to steal from him in his sleep and later hits Debbie when she confronts him which leads to Craig to step in and fight him and knocks him out and getting him arrested, in the sequel he breaks out of prison to come after Craig.

5 Day-Day

Craig's cousin introduced in Next Friday who tries to avoid trouble whenever possible and is very protective of his car but trouble still finds him regardless between his crazy ex D'wana and her sister Baby D who show up to ruin his day and his car and Criag getting him mixed up with the Joker brothers, in the sequel when he and Craig become security for a strip mall he takes the job too far and eventually gets them fired after he insults a old woman who then sends her grand kids after them who then attack their boss Moly who then fire them.

6 Uncle Elroy

Craig's crazy uncle and Day-Day's father who loves in the suburbs of Rancho Cucamunga after winning the lottery.

7 Damon Pearly

Hilariously played by Terry Crews as Mrs. Pearly's recently released from prison son who along with threatening to evict Craig and Day-Day if they don't to pay their rent she also threatens to let Damon have his way with them as Damon also makes that threat pretty clear to them, every scene with him is hilarious and later while the boys are having their Christmas rent party Damon attempts to have his way with Money Mike in the bathroom only for Money Mike to turn the tables on him and clamping his unmentionables with a set of pliers and then later continues to chase after Money Mike all throughout the neighborhood.

8 Joker

The head of the Joker brothers whose ruthless as he is hilarious.

9 Big Worm

Smokey's supplier and ruthless businessman and upon realizing that Smokey hasn't actually been selling his weed but instead smoking it he gives him till 10 o clock that night to payback his money or face the consequences which is sending his crew to kill him and Criag.

10 Monkey Mike

Played hilariously by Katt Williams who also voiced A Pimp Named Slickback from The Boondocks.

The Contenders

11 Debbie
12 Ezel
13 Pinky
14 Mrs. Parker
15 D'Wanna
16 Baby D
17 Ms. Ho Kim
18 Stanley
19 Lil Chris
20 Ms. Pearly
21 Donna
22 Red
23 Karla
24 Felisha

An this is where the "Bye Felisha" all started.

25 Roach
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