Top 10 Characters Who Were Ranked in the Good Section of Their Franchises in Egnomac's Good to Evil Post Series

Since I'm so low on list ideas at the moment I've decided to do an entire list based off my Good to Evil Posts series where I rank characters on a moral spectrum across three categories The Good, The Grey Area and Bad/Evil and focusing on all the characters who I personally ranked in the Good section of their franchises reserved for the characters with the purists hearts or at least show a lot of good despite their flaws or short cummings and just a heads up there are going to be a lot of characters in the good section especially since as the time I'm writing this have covered over 32 different franchises.
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The Top Ten
1 Leni Loud - The Loud House (Good to Evil) Leni Loud is a fictional character from The Loud House the second oldest of the Loud Family a bit of a ditz, forgetful and absent minded despite this she's a kindhearted person, a skilled fashion designer and is always willing to help others in need, she shares a room with Lori the oldest and suffers more.

Despite not being the brightest Leni is the epidemy of pure goodness she's kind to others, always willing to put others needs ahead of her own and stands by her morals even if others tell her otherwise.

Because you're low on ideas I have some good to evil ideas you don't have to do them
The Looney Tunes Show, Seasons 1-7 Family Guy, Seasons 1-10 Simpsons, Season 1-3 Spongebob, Arthur, Seasons 4-11 South Park, BFDI, Keeping up with Kardashians, South Park heroes good to most good, and South Park villains evil to most evil

2 Goku - Dragon Ball Z (Good to Evil) Son Goku (Kakarrot) is the main protagonist in Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. He has many abilities like, super strength, utilization of ki, flight, teleportation, super speed, enhanced reflexes, and Super Saiyan transformation that increase strength, speed, and durability. more.

Its obvious that Goku ranks in the Good as he's pure hearted and fights to protect the Earth from all those who wish to bring harm to it and has had many good moments throughout the Dragon Ball Z series such as sacrificing himself by holding on to Raditz allowing Piccolo to destroy them both, again sacrificing himself for the greater good by teleporting himself and Cell when he bloated up in an attempt to blow up the Earth to King Kai's planet then guided Gohan from other world in helping him defeat Cell once and for all and while Goku does a lot of good I do have a few major gripes with him despite being a hero of Earth he has a lot of flaws such as being a horrible husband to Chi Chi and while he is a good father there are times where he put his son Gohan in dangerous situations such as during the Cell games where he made him fight Cell despite the fact that Gohan doesn't have the same desire to fight as he does and he also gives Cell a senzu bean right before Gohan fights him, ...more

3 Link - The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask (Good to Evil) Link refers to several different incarnations of the same protagonist of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series.

The hero of both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask despite a lack of personality Link rises to the occasion to save both Hyrule and Termina from the threat of evil I ranked Link as most good in my Majora's Mask Good to Evil and rank him a bit lower in Ocarina of Time.

4 Ash Ketchum - Pokémon Indigo League (Good to Evil) Ash Ketchum, known as Satoshi in Japan, is a fictional main character in the Pokémon franchise owned by Nintendo. Ash is training to be a Pokemon Master, with his buddy Pikachu. Ash tries to stop the evil Team Rocket from stealing his Pikachu.

Despite starting off the series as cocky, over confident and hard headed Ash has a good moral compass and can't stand for injustice or seeing trainers mistreat their Pokémon as seen when he and his friends save Charmander after it was abandoned by its trainer Damian.

5 Flint Lockwood - Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (Good to Evil)

An inventor who only wants to help out his town of Swallow Falls though his inventions always tend to blow up in his face until he events a machine to convert water into food which actually works and helps save the town however it doesn't take long for him to get caught up in his newfound popularity that he begins ignoring the obvious dangers of his machine over mutating the food until its too late and causes a massive food storm that threatens the entre world, and despite everyone turning on him for causing the mess he along with Sam and the others attempt to shut down the machine and save not only Swallow Falls but the world itself.

6 Penny Proud - The Proud Family (Good to Evil)

A good kid who stands up for what's right or for others and like a lot of teens makes mistakes but always does the right thing in the end.

7 Will Stronghold - Sky High (Good to Evil)

Son of two superheroes The Commander and Jetstream who in the beginning lacked superpowers and regulated to hero support which is basically the lower class in Sky High though he willingly accepts his role until he gets his superpowers and moved to the Hero class and like any kid who becomes part of the popular group he lets his new popularity status go to his head and ends up alienating his own friends though he does realize the error of his ways and makes things right with them, he makes mistakes but again teenagers are suppose to make mistakes and during the climax of the movie he teams up with his friends and Warren Peace to help save the school as well as Will's parents and the rest of the students and faculty who were turned into babies by Gwen Grayson/ Royal Pain not only defeating Gwen but also helping to stop the school from falling and crushing a couples house.

8 Spyro - Spyro the Dragon Original Trilogy (Good to Evil) Spyro is a series of platform games which primarily features the protagonist Spyro the Dragon and his friend, Sparx the Dragonfly.

Main protagonist of the series I only judged his actions in the first three games for his good deeds he freed the dragons and defeated Gnasty Gnorc in the first game, saved Avalar after it was invaded by Ripto and his goons and in the 3rd game helped rescue the baby dragon eggs from the Sorceress who was planning to kill the poor baby dragons in order to keep herself immortal.

9 Pinocchio - Pinocchio (Good to Evil)

Pinocchio despite being easily influenced and taken advantage by others is good kid or puppet who tries to do good but easily gives into peer pressure his most heroic deed is of course helping to save his father Geppetto who was stuck in Monstro the whale and literally dies while getting his father to safety when Monstro crashes into the wall while chasing him though thankfully this deed is enough for the Blue Fairy to revive him and make him a real boy.

10 Snow White - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Good to Evil) Snow White is a fictional character from Disney's first ever film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves . She is Disney's first ever Disney Princess and is the only Disney Princess to have her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame .

The fairest in the land kind, gentle and good natured who acts very motherly towards the Dwarfs by cooking and cleaning their cottage though her only flaw is that she's way too trusting of strangers as when the Evil Queen disguised herself as an old woman in order to trick her into taking a bite out of the poison apple after convincing her it was a wishing apple.

The Contenders
11 Maria Santiago - The Loud House/The Casagrandes (Good to Evil)

Ronnie Anne and Bobby's mother who loves and cares for them and enjoys the time she gets to spend with them when not working at the city hostpital.

12 Lincoln Loud - The Loud House (Good to Evil)
13 Luna Loud - The Loud House (Good to Evil) Luna Loud is the 3rd oldest sister, Luna's life forever changed following her first concert which started her passion and dream of being a rock star, Luna's personality can best be described as wild, caring and the loudest of the Louds like Leni she's very caring and enjoys being around the company more.

Lincoln's third oldest who dreams of being a rocker and next to Leni one of the nicer sisters though there are times where she can get easily get rallied up and take out her anger on her siblings.

14 Ms. Dimartino - The Loud House (Good to Evil)

The character who I ranked as the Bronze medal of good in The Loud House a substitute teacher appearing in the episode "Study Muffin".

15 Mayor Davis - The Loud House (Good to Evil)

The mayor of Royal Woods whose good at her job and cares for the well being of her citizens putting their safety ahead of her own, her only questionable moment was in the episode "Electshunned" where Leni ran against her for mayor and Davis under the influence of her campaign manager ran a smear campaign against Leni where she pointed out all her faults and bashed her family.

16 Harry Potter - Harry Potter (Good to Evil) Harry James Potter is the title character of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. The majority of the books' plot covers seven years in the life of the orphan Potter, who, on his eleventh birthday, learns he is a wizard.
17 Hermione Granger - Harry Potter (Good to Evil)

The smartest member of the trio though as well as brave and loyal.

18 Jackie and Mandee - The Loud House (Good to Evil)

Leni's high school friends who are shown to be generally good though their resentment of Miguel and Fiona Leni's worker friends lose them major good points as well as trying to force Leni to choose between the two until they eventually learn to get along with them for Leni's sake.

19 Mrs. Johnson - The Loud House (Good to Evil)

Lincoln's 5th grade teacher who is generally seen to be a pretty good teacher though she did have her fair share of questionable moments.

20 Layla Williams - Sky High (Good to Evil)
21 Carlota Casagrande - The Loud House/The Casagrandes (Good to Evil)

The oldest of Carlos and Frida whose a fashionista and a very social girl who gets along with just about everyone her only negative trait is that she can get extremely distracted by her phone that she ends up forgetting everything else.

22 Stella Zhau - The Loud House (Good to Evil)
23 Frida Puga Casagrande - The Loud House/The Casagrandes (Good to Evil)

A very loving mother who easily gets emotional over just about everything and cries wither she's happy or sad.

24 Dopey - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Good to Evil)

The silent member of the dwarfs whose lovable yet childish and who crushes on Snow White.

25 Sam Sharp - The Loud House (Good to Evil)

Luna's girlfriend whose shown to be nice, friendly and like Luna is into rock n roll.

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