Top 10 Characters Who Were Ranked in the Grey Area of Their Franchise in Egnomac's Good to Evil Post Series

Like I did with my previous list were I did a list on all the characters in the good section of their franchises from my Good to Evil post series this time we will be focusing an the characters who I personally ranked in the Grey Area section reserved for the neutral characters, characters whose good and bad traits are balanced out with some being more good then bad and vice versa.
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The Top Ten
1 Hercule Satan - Dragon Ball Z (Good to Evil)

The guy has a massive ego and happily took credit for defeating Cell allowing everyone to think he's a hero, like the cowardly lion from Wizard of Oz he's all bark and no bite acting tough while hiding how terrified he is when people expect him to defend the Earth from the likes of Cell and Majin Buu, despite his ego he does do enough good to counteract his bad traits such as brining out the good in Majin Buu before his evil side came out and played a key role in helping Goku defeat Kid Buu by convincing the people of Earth to give their energy to him to defeat Buu which was really going to Goku for the super spirit bomb and even saves Vegeta before Goku can unleash the super bomb on Buu.

2 Sam-I-Am - Green Eggs and Ham (Good to Evil)

I was considering putting Sam-I-Am in the good tier but his shady nature and his criminal record make him a real hard character to trust not to mention how for most of the season he drags Guy into situations he really didn't want to be in and its revealed that he was secretly working for Mr. Snerz and was going to give him Mr. Jenkins the Chickeraffe and in one scene E.B. literally watches in horror as Sam delivers Jenkins to Snerz though it turned out that Sam turned on Snerz and instead helped free Mr. Jenkins and return him home with help from Guy its strongly hinted that if he never met Guy in the first place he likely would have given Mr. Jenkins to Mr. Snerz.

3 Mama Lupe - The Casagrandes (Good to Evil)
4 Luan Loud - The Loud House (Good to Evil)

I ranked Luan at the very bottom of the Grey Area and lower then the rest of the Loud family and while she is shown to be good for the most part loving to entertain and make others laugh she loses a lot of good points for her actions during the April Fool's Day episodes where she becomes malicious and takes great pleasure in watching the suffering of others mainly her family at the hands of her April Fool's Day pranks designed to inflict harm on anyone who gets caught in them, one of her worst acts is in "Fool Me Twice" where she used the family doubles who they hired to take Luan's pranks for them then have them publicly humiliate the family and trapping the family in the garage and forcing them to watch their own humiliation which they paid for though thankfully the family gets back at her by tricking her into thinking her humiliating them has forced them to move after which she breaks down crying and pleading for them not to move while promising never to prank them again only for ...more

5 Tom and Bobby Tulip - Ernest Scared Stupid (Good to Evil)

A pair of businessmen who take advantage of Ernest's believe in trolls to sell him a bunch of phony troll traps and later when the whole town is being attacked by the trolls they do nothing to help out the others and instead take pictures of the trolls hoping to profit from the disaster.

6 Grumpy - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Good to Evil)

The only member of the dwarf's who ranks in the grey area due to his grumpy nature and distrusting of Snow White he often gets into screaming matches with Doc their leader, over the course of the movie he does slowly warm up to Snow White though he still tries to act like a tough guy.

7 Santa Claus - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (Good to Evil)

For most of the special Santa is shown in a pretty negative light as he's shown to be rude and impatient but considering he's a busy man its understandable he loses major good points for the scene where he shames Rudolph's father Donner when Rudolph's red shiny nose is exposed during take off practice despite being impressed with Rudolph's take off though by the end of the special he does ease up a bit and even allows Rudolph to guide his sled during the storm and he even rescues the toys from the Island of Misfit toys and find them new homes.

8 Bianca - Spyro the Dragon Original Trilogy (Good to Evil)

For most of Spyro Year of the Dragon she served the Sorceress and along with her Rynoc forces stole the baby dragon eggs unaware of the Sorceress's true intentions which is for her to cut off the baby dragons wings to use for a spell to make her immortal which disgusted Bianca so much that she switched sides and aided Spyro in helping to take down the Sorceress.

9 Warren Peace - Sky High (Good to Evil)

The son of a villain who Will's father The Commander had locked away and shows a lot of hostility towards Will at one point attacks him after Lash trips Will causing him to spill his food on Warren, though outside of school he's a pretty decent guy and likely acts cold and distant when at school due to being the son of a villain he eventually teams up with Will and the other hero support group to save the school from Gwen Grayson aka Royal Pain.

10 Carl Foutley - As Told By Ginger (Good to Evil)

Ginger's younger brother who earlier in the series was a troublemaker who loved pulling pranks and scams on his fellow classmates, over time Carl does make a change for the better when entering Junior High looking to no longer be a troublemaker and be more mature though this isn't made easy as his bad reputation has followed him into Junior High leading to all of this teachers to keep a close eye on him.

The Contenders
11 The Prince - Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (Good to Evil)

Despite being the one who awakens Snow White with a kiss breaking the Queen's spell on her I put him in the Grey Area mostly due to how very little screen time he's given as we barely know anything about him.

12 Gladstone Gander - DuckTales 1987 (Good to Evil)

A freeloader who literally lives off his luck and doesn't feel the need to get a job.

13 Master Roshi - Dragon Ball Z (Good to Evil)

A master martial artist who trained Goku and Krillin in the original Dragon Ball series he's placed in the grey area due to his pervertive nature.

14 Smokey - Friday (Good to Evil)

Smokey's morals are pretty lacking to say the least he's a drug dealer who sells weed for Big Worm the problem is that he smokes it rather then sells it which leads to Big Worm to give him an ultimatum either pay up his money by the end of the day or he'll send his men to kill him and Craig speaking of which Smokey ends up getting his homeboy Craig involved with his mess when he mentions his name to Big Worm basically admitting they were getting high on his weed after Smokey pressures him into getting high, Big Worm nearly makes good on his threat when he sends his crew to try and gun down Smokey and Craig at the end of the movie Smokey gets Big Worm his money after stealing it from Deebo about the only thing that keeps him out of the bad/evil category is that he checks himself into rehab at the end of the first movie.

15 Curiosity Shop Owner - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Good to Evil)

The shady owner of the Curiosity shop who sells stolen goods at a high price even selling items stolen from Link from one of the birds in Termina field that hangs around Milk Road the only thing keeping him out of the bad/evil tier is his role in the Kafei and Anju quest.

16 Monstro - Pinocchio (Good to Evil)

Never really saw Monstro as evil despite what the movie makes him out to be after all he's a massive whale whose just looking for food and his anger towards Pinocchio and Geppetto during the final chase was justified who wouldn't be mad if someone lit a fire inside of you and made you sneeze uncontrollably.

17 Caillou's Parents - Caillou (Good to Evil)

While they are shown to be good people what puts them in the Grey Area is how they constantly enable their son Caillou and let him get away with just about anything, when ever he acts up they simply brush it off and don't bother to discipline him and just how the actual hell would they allow their son to get away with violently pinching his baby sister on the face Caillou should have gotten a spanking or at least a time out but no nothing.

18 Joe Towne - Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Good to Evil)

A literal average Joe who really can't think for himself and goes along with what ever the rest of the town is feeling such as getting at angry at Flint when his invention interrupts the unveiling of Sardine Land and ruins it to praising him when his food machine works and makes it rain food to going back to hating on him when the machine goes haywire.

19 Rita Loud - The Loud House (Good to Evil)

A pretty good mother who loves her children and provides a lot for the family though there have been plenty of times where her parenting can be questionable but none the less she and Lynn Sr. do a pretty decent job raising them one major incident that places her in the grey area and this is also a strike against Lynn Sr. as well is the moment from No Such Luck where she and the rest of the family deem Lincoln to be bad luck and force him him out of the house and even after he admits that he faked being bad luck to get out of going to his sisters various activities they still refuse to believe him refusing to let him back in the house though they finally do apologize for their action though she throws in the line that they sold all his furniture which is pretty messed up and what keep her out of the good section, she does improve a lot as a mother having a very strong bond with Lincoln and in one episode convinced her boss Jessie Hiller to have her go undercover at the high school as a ...more

20 Dollface - Twisted Metal Black (Good to Evil)

Pretty much a lot of the characters from Twisted Metal Black would fall into the grey area as most of them look to win the contest and have the opportunity to seek revenge on those who wronged them though for Doll Face all she wants is to get the key to unlock her mask which was placed on her by her former boss Mr. Kreel who harshly punished her for accidentally spilling coffee on some important documents of his by sealing her face within a mask and to make sure it never came off he used a special key to lock it in place, at the end of her storyline she is given the opportunity to get the key to unlocking her mask however the key was attached to chain from an iron maiden where her former boss Mr. Kreel was bound and gagged and if she removes the key he was going to die with little though she grabs the key sealing Mr. Kreel's fate as the iron maiden to slam shut killing him however she didn't even want the key and discarded it not wanting it anymore choosing to become a vigilante and ...more

21 Lola Loud - The Loud House (Good to Evil) Lola Loud is a fictional character from The Loud House and the third youngest child of the Loud Family and Lana's younger twin sister, Lola is arrogant, smart mouthed, spoiled, and is a tattle-tale, like Lori despite her selfish behavior deep down she's compassionate, she shares a room with her twin more.

Despite Lola being easily angered, bossy and manipulative she's also shown to show compassion for others especially when it comes to her siblings and for all the bad she does she does do a fair amount of good in the show.

22 The Gurdles - The Loud House (Good to Evil)

While they seem like decent parents to Zach what places them in the grey area is their behavior when ever they suspect anyone of possibly being an alien often are shown stalking people if they feel they might be aliens.

23 Becky - The Casagrandes (Good to Evil)

One of the students at Ronnie Anne
s High School whose incredibly aggresse and loves Lucha libre and is shown to get extremely physically with other students as seen in her debut episode where Ronnie Anne and Sid were checking out the Lucha Libre club as she and another student Artemis convince to wrestle with them as the pair proceed to beat the hell out of Ronnie Anne and Sid while enjoying every minute of their misery, though not a bad kid by any means she is shown to get along with Ronnie Anne and her friends.

24 Lori Loud - The Loud House (Good to Evil)

As the oldest sibling she can be bossy, controlling, and selfish but deep down she loves and cares for her siblings and does offer them advice.

25 Guy-Am-I - Green Eggs and Ham (Good to Evil)

For a lot of the series Guy-Am-I was shown to be a downer who has a pretty negative view of the world and really doesn't wasn't to get involved in other people's lives and prefers to be left alone he was once a proud inventor but countess set backs have caused him to lose confidence in himself he eventually gets mixed up with Sam and his apparent mission to liberate Mr. Jenkins the Chickeraffe he broke out of the zoo who also pesters him to try his favorite dish green eggs and ham which Guy repeatedly tells him no.

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