thetoptens big brother launch night

gemcloben welcome to thetoptens big brother! its my pleasure to introduce you to my 12 amazing contestants! here they are:
1. gemcloben.
"I'm the creator of thetoptens big brother. Music is my life and I play guitar in a band. I have a quite average life. I have a lot of enemies at school, but it doesn't bother me. I'm so exited for this competition!"

2. ironsabbathpriest.
"My name is jack. My favourite music genre is rock/metal. I like to watch comedy/slapstick films. I do other things like read, play video games and occasionally go swimming. I joined in July 2014."

3. superhyperdude.
"Hi, I'm that guy who makes you cry from that other guy and I'm also a critically acclaimed blogger with an attitude of six."

4. evilangel
" I love my girlfriend and my parents more than anything, I am a huge fan of dragonball z, I'm alsoa fan of many sub genres of rock and metal (my favourite band being breaking Benjamin). I am also a gamer, I love to play titanfall."

5. mcking1003
"My favourite band is metallica, but I also like slayer, iron maiden, megadeth and more. I like playing basketball and soccer, but mainly I think this site is one of the best to express my opinion. I'm glad to be here!"

6. wolftail
"I'm 13, I like wolfs, I know most users on this site, my favourite food is cottage pie, I'm addicted to technology and I love total drama."

7. rickyreeves
"I was born on the 24/7/1999. My full name is Richard Arnold Reeves. My parents are Trevor and Sarah Reeves. I have a sister called Michelle and we live in London."

8. puga
"I'm an Irish boy who has a "meh" life. I cringe at my former self, I've really cleaned myself up in the last 2 years. The best moment of my life was when I went to old Trafford. It was class."

9. positronwildhawk
"born in London,
passionate about physics,
hope to become a university professor,
into electronic music,
trained martial arts fighter."

10. bobbythebrony
"My name is bobby
I'm almost 20
I'm cherokee
My best friends are called Moses and Mary
I had an 80's rock star haircut, but I got it cut
I'm dating angelofdarkness."

11. garythesnail
Hi I'm mikey. I'm a fan of seasons 1-4 of spongebob, Kirby and thetoptens. My favotite thing on this site are lists, friends and my girlfriend bluediamondfromnowhere. I've been named the nice guy and I love it. also, JESUS CHRIST IS MY LORD AND SAVIOR!"

12. mumbizz01
"My name is bizz
I live a lot of bands
I'm the drummer in a band "bizz"
I'm a german/aussie
I'm 19"

13. Keyson
Keyson (britgirls boyfriend) also has no autobio
here are the nomination results.
bobby 4
isp 1
gary 3
evilangel 1
puga 3
mumbizz 2
ricky 2
mcking 4
bobby and mcking are up for eviction.
vote for them to stay
write either bobby or mcking in the comments to vote
remember, its vote to STAY


bobby - keyson

Thanks for your vote! - gemcloben

Mcking. Nice post! - IronSabbathPriest

Thanks for your vote! - gemcloben

Bobby. - Mumbizz01

Thanks for your vote! - gemcloben

Who nominated me? I'm curious... - RickyReeves

I'm sorry, I can't tell you - gemcloben

:(U people evict me because I'm underrated, shame... - McKing1003

Yes, you are a very underrated user. - gemcloben

King - visitor

Thanks for your vote - gemcloben

Bobby. Come on the bronies! - Puga

Thanks for your vote - gemcloben

I haven't spoken to neither :-( so this isn't personal, I'll vote for Bobby - EvilAngel

Thanks for your vote - gemcloben

McKing - PatrickStar

Thanks for your vote - gemcloben

WHY! - McKing1003