thetoptens big brother first eviction

gemcloben "for the past day you have been voting to save. I can tell you out of bobbythebrony and mcking 1003, the housemate with the least amount of votes, and 1st to be evicted is... mcking1003. mcking1003, you have been evicted, please leave thetoptens big brother house now."

Now its time to nominate:
positronwildhawk 3
bobbythebrony 4
garythesnail 3
ironsabbathpriest 3
rickyreeves 2
puga 5

there is a twist! we asked the housemates to vote for the best commenter, best blog poster, best list maker, best taste in music, most likely to win and who you want to win.

funniest: positronwildhawk x2, superhyperdude x4 and puga x2.
blog post: positronwilkhawk x3, superhyperdude x2, puga x2, keyson and garythesnail
comments: positronwildhawk x5, puga x2, wolftail, superhyperdude and evilangel
music taste: positronwildhawk x2, gemcloben x3, evilangel x3, superhyperdude, wolftail and mumbizz01.
lists: positronwildhawk x6, keyson x2 and puga.
want to win: positronwildhawk x4, garythesnail x2, gemcloben, superhyperdude, puga and keyson.
think will win: positronwildhawk x5, keyson x3, puga and gemcloben

since positronwildhawk, superhyperdude, gemcloben and evilangel were at the top of a category, they are safe from eviction. also, mumbizz01 didn't nominate twice in a row. therefore he has been given a warning.

positronwilldhawk, superhyperdude, gemcloben and evilangel are immune.
wolftail, keyson, gemcloben, evilangel, mumbizz01 and superhyperdude recived no nominations
mumbizz01 got a warning
mcking1003 was evicted
puga and bobbythebrony are up for eviction.
to vote bobbythebrony to stay, write bobby in the comments and to vote puga write puga in the comments.
remember, its vote to STAY.


Bobbythebrony stay - RickyReeves

Thanks for your vote - gemcloben

Bobby. - IronSabbathPriest

Thanks for your vote - gemcloben

Puga. - PositronWildhawk

Thanks for your vote - gemcloben

Puga, can't let letdot56 down! - visitor

Can't let letdot52 down either. - PositronWildhawk

Thanks for your vote - gemcloben

Puga. No offense Bobby. - Garythesnail

Thanks for your vote - gemcloben

Puga, - Mumbizz01

Thanks for your vote - gemcloben

This is a good post mate, I like how you put the twist in, keep up with the twists please, because without them it would just be a basic vote system each post. I'm not just saying that because I am immune :-D. And my vote to stay is for Puga... no offense to anyone because I vote for people I know better to stay.

Puga - EvilAngel

I have a few more twist ideas for the future. - gemcloben

Can I vote for Puga to stay even though I'm not in this? - Turkeyasylum

Anyone can vote, you just need to join to nominate. - gemcloben

I agree with EvilAngel!

Bobbythebrony - keyson

Thanks for your vote - gemcloben

Bobby - PatrickStar

Thanks for your vote - gemcloben

Just one question... those numbers after people's names at the top deciding who goes up for eviction adds up to twenty, but there's not twenty of us, so does that mean other people outside of this big brother house are messaging you and nominating? - EvilAngel

Everyone nominates twice. I didn't nominate because I am the one who runs it, and mumbizz was to late. - gemcloben

Oh yeah haha, that was a dumb moment from me :-D - EvilAngel

what was? - gemcloben

Adding up wrong. - EvilAngel