thetoptens big brother 3rd eviction

gemcloben "For the past few days, you have been voting to stay. Puga, mumbizz01, I can now tell you the housemate with the most votes and 3rd to be evicted is... puga. Puga, you have been evicted, please leave  thetoptens big brother house".

After puga's eviction, the housemates were told to nominate again. Here are the results:
rickyreeves: 4
garythesnail: 3
keyson: 2
positronwildhawk: 2
superhyperdude: 2
wolftail: 3
evilangel: 1
ironsabbathpriest: 1
gemcloben: 0
mumbizz01: permanently nominated 

But, yet again, there is a twist. Since Rickyreeves got the most nominations, he will not be up for eviction. Instead, he will automatically be evicted. But before he goes, he must choose 1 housemate to take his place and be up for eviction with mubizz01. He chose positronwildhawk.

So rickyreeves and puga were evicted,                                                                                           gemcloben got 0 nominations
ricky and puga got the most nominations throughout the series (10 and 11),
gary was the closest to being evicted
and positronwildhawk and mumbizz01 are up for eviction
write pos to vote for positron and write bizz to vote for mumbizz
remember, its vote to STAY.


pos. - Garythesnail

Thanks for your vote - gemcloben

Pos. - IronSabbathPriest

Thanks for voting - gemcloben

Positron - visitor

Thanks for voting - gemcloben

Pos. - Puga

Thanks for voting - gemcloben

Ricky, I fear things will collapse under the weight of your unwise decision. - PositronWildhawk

Sorry! - RickyReeves

Well, as the vote turned out unanimously in my favour, I MIGHT forgive you. Or just forget about it. - PositronWildhawk

Positronwildhawk - keyson

Thanks for voting - gemcloben

Pos HAS to stay! - Wolftail

Thanks for voting - gemcloben

I would like to save PositronWildhawk. - Turkeyasylum

Thanks for voting - gemcloben

Pos. Sorry Bizz but you got really unlucky there :-D going up against pos. - EvilAngel

This is gonna be a hard choice. PositronWildhawk I guess - visitor

Thanks for voting - gemcloben