thetoptens big brother: THE FINAL!

gemcloben ITS THE FINAL!!!!! We have our 6 finalists and they are: gemcloben, evilangel, positronwildhawk, garythesnail, keyson and superhyperdude. Congrats on being on the final, but only one can win! Who have you voted your winner?

With the least votes and in 6th place is: garythesnail. some quotes about him from other finalists: "gary is an excellent person who is very kind and unselfish. he is worthy of the final and an outstanding user.", "adorable", "he is a great user with a great impact who has a great impact and I respect him a lot.", "I haven't got down to his content yet but as a person he seems chilled out and always have something to say". He said "the series was good and I would like a 2nd one".

With the least votes and in 5th place is: gemcloben. Here is some of the comments from the other finalists on him: "He is quite creative and made a show I really enjoy. It was really fun!", "Total loser! Just kidding, he's cool", "wack-a-doodle", "He is a great user who came to this site and made a good impact, great blogs, some of the best I have seen and he has a great taste in music", "he seems like a clever guy who can read society like a book".

With the least votes and in 4th place is: superhyperdude. Here are his quotes: "We don't know each other much", "great user but I never spoke to him", "quirky (in a great way)", "he is fun and he makes this site richer with his style and contributions". He said nothing on the series.

With the least votes and in 3rd place is: evilangel. Here are his quotes: "I don't know much about him, but he has a good taste and knowledge in the metal genre", "cool and a good nice friend", "supportive", "he seems a really good guy and as I read his profile I was happy he found love and learned to take the best out of bad experiences". He said "I really like the series! you should do another one, but don't make it straight away, because if it is regular, it isn't special anymore".

I can now reveal out of keyson and positronwildhawk, the one with the most votes and the winner is... KEYSON!!!!! But now let's hear about positron, our runner up. Here are his quotes: "he is the best male user, he should win this", "smart and cool", "he has been a big influence on this site and improved it since I joined", "he would be someone I hang around with and he is the only user I know. who make perfect lists instead of slapping them on like a pie in the face". I liked the series, made a 2nd one but don't have the same ones in as last time.

Now it's time to talk to our winner, keyson! Here is his quotes: "loyal", "although he expresses his love for britgirl too much, he seems nice to talk to on a daily basis", "he is one of the kindest users", "amazing friend, hope he wins". He said "I really liked it and think you should made another one, but with less stages and finalists".

So, you chose keyson as you winner. I will made a new series, but I will wait a few months. Goodbye!


Very well made post series. You should definitely make a second series! - IronSabbathPriest

He is working on it, and I star in it! Ok, maybe I was a bit to cocky there... - DapperPickle

Very good. Only problem was, we knew keyson was the winner from counting up the votes on the previous blog. But still, very good blog series. I'm happy with my third place - EvilAngel

Ah, good 'ol Keyson! - Puga

Second is good enough for me. Well done, matey. - PositronWildhawk

"who make perfect lists instead of slapping them on like a pie in the face"
I think that's one of the nicest, funniest and most accurate things ever said about me. - PositronWildhawk

That was me, do you appreciate me now, Father? - visitor

Father?!?! OK, what the hell happened all those years ago? - PositronWildhawk

I thought positron should be #1... - McKing1003

Me too - keyson

He's won both Total Drama: TheTopTens and TheTopTens Big Brother. What will Keyson win next? - Wolftail

Saving... - keyson

I meant: Probably a Grammy. Strangely whatever was written! - keyson

I got a afew ideas, like ironsabbothpriests dantes inferno... - DapperPickle

Yay! Keyson wins! When's season two? - Turkeyasylum

As evilangel suggested, I should wait a while. - gemcloben

4th place, that's pretty good. Who said I made this site more "rich"? - visitor

I loved the series. :) Thanks for all the people who voted for me! - keyson

You're Welcome, and congrats. - Mumbizz01

Yay I get 6th! Ooh... Adorable? Who left that one? - Garythesnail

It could be anyone, you handsome devil... - PositronWildhawk

I am gonna be in series 2! But I bet I'm gonna bet evicted first... But who knows? - DapperPickle