megadeth album reviews #2: rust in peace

gemcloben Hello, and welcome to album reviews! Today, I shall be analysing the pure brilliance of megadeth's amazing: rust in peace. So, enjoy reading!

Megadeth's drummer is Nick Menza. His beats are very fitting for megadeth's signature sound and are very iconic. He keeps their rhythm correct throughout the whole album. He also has the ability to change the whole feel of the song by slowing down, speeding up or changing his beat. Therefore, I shall give him a 10/10 and his best track is hangar 18.

The bassist for megadeth is Dave Ellefson. He is most famous for his intro in peace sells, but that was before this album. I wouldn't call him an amazingly talented bassist like Billy Sheehan or Stu Hamm, but he can still keep the bands rhythm together, but he is nothing flash and I can hardly hear the bass, as it is overshadowed by the guitar. I give him an 8/10 and his best track is lurcetia.

Next, we talk about the vocals. Dave Mustaine was in Metallica, but fired for getting too drunk. He then became megadeth's vocalist/guitarist. He has a very strange and unique "growling" tone and style to his voice that is his trademark, and it works really well. But it could be improved if he could sing with more power or scream. I give him a 9/10 and his best track is holy wars... the punishment due.

Now, we come to the guitar. The guitar is joined between Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman. This album is the UNDOUBTABLE greatest guitar work in history. Mustaine's completely original riffs will just make you want to headbang while the solos will BLOW YOUR MIND! The guitar is easily a 10/10 and the best tracks are tornado of souls or the astonishing hangar 18.

So, this album will get a 9.2 out of 10. Thank you for reading!


My favourite album ever! Great review, and yeah, the guitar is astonishing. As well as the solos on Hangar 18 and Tornado Of Souls, I also like the solo on Lucretia. - IronSabbathPriest