Worst SNES Games

Well... weirdly I don't see a list of the worst of the SNES. so why not fill in that blank right now with some classic blunders.
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The Top Ten
1 Hong Kong 97

Another unlicensed game but far worse than our last entry. In this game you play as ''Chin'' he must shoot his way in a demented version of Galaga with a bloody corpse as your game over screen with obnoxious looping music for your troubles. Need I say more.

this game is bizarre to say the least

2 Pit Fighter

While Pit Fighter may have been okay as an arcade game at the time before Mortal Kombat even. This SNES port of the game is so bad you are highly unlikely to wanna continue on seeing there are absolutely no continues unlike the other versions of this game. One big flaw that puts it near the top of the list valid. A game that it's impossible to beat in one long run may I add. I recommend an emulator saves for this one. On a console there's no way any person can do this to themselves.

3 Mario Is Missing!

Mario Is Missing is an educational game, and most of them are normally not very well received. While you could tie in the whole collection of these. Why not the one where you Play as Luigi searching out for Mario in this bad looking street gameplay of texts you go in. Nothing interesting here a boring bad title that didn't need to exist considering how great super Mario franchise was going at the time.

4 Lester the Unlikely

Honestly who is a more slower moving controlled character than Lester? As the cover suggest a nerd who moves stupidly in game. Oh, this game was developed by Visual Concepts? Huh, a primary sports based company doing a platformer that bombed in a big way.

5 Super Noah's Ark 3D

Identical gameplay to the classic Wolfenstein 3D. Instead of taking down Germans along your path. You shoot Animals and put em to sleep apparently. This was also the case Nintendo was unaware of unlicensed games coming out at the time not making that same mistake again. Religion games are usually not very good there more mediocre than anything else this one ranks near the bottom of those classified in that genre.

6 Revolution X

Quick question. What do you get with Ninja's mixed in music by Aerosmith? If you answered a game called Revolution X I salute you. An imported arcade rail shooter that gets old fast, and not in a good way. This was a case where something popular in 94' during it's near ending peak in that era of arcades, and they managed to port out the worst offender giving it a watered down version of what you may have recalled.

7 Captain Novolin

A game about diabetes turned wrong when you look to be hallucinating in this world you are in. Taking a beating from those sweets running full circuit across this side scroller. It mocks the logic in which the concept of the game is rather a sick twist in itself. Who would wanna play it this way to begin with?

8 Wayne's World

While the NES version of this game is pretty bad as well. It isn't as robotic, or repetitively awful occurrences as this SNES version is. You got the most random idea of enemies you could ever imagined. To be fair some are mentioned in the movie, but none of this actually happened of course. Controls are terrible, and I recommend using cheats if your curious about the rest of the game as you could very well rage quit fast.

9 Bebe's Kids

Bebe's Kids is a long line of bad license games you expect to anticipate the awfulness factor. While it wasn't entirely special overall. Neither was this slightly more infamous video game tie in.

10 Justice League Task Force

Starting off the list at a time where DC games were either a hit or miss at this time. This may have been one of their first attempts at a fighting game. If there's any lasting impression of this blunder is the VHS tape that basically hints at Superman is incredibly broken compared to the rest of our DC heroes in battle.