Best Prospects for the 2021 NFL Draft (1-10)

The draft is approaching in just less than two weeks left to go. I decided to make my own best available board. So let's dive into each of these young athletes very thoroughly as some people still haven't gotten to their mock draft. Sit back and observe.
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The Top Ten
1 Trevor Lawrence

The alarm bell that is raised for Trevor Lawrence would be the fact can he be that guy to transform Jacksonville's woes in the next few years? He surely has the talent, but if the personnel can't get it done then his Sports Illustrated article had us going uh oh. Like seriously, ''How important is it to winning Trevor Lawrence?''

2 Penei Sewell

I call him the Samoan savage from Oregon. Penei Sewell is coming into the draft very young. Not saying that gives him an immediate advantage, but there are teams in line to take a tackle he can go. He should go to the team with the worst protection myself, but in past drafts, you just never know. Laremy Tunsil fell hard for a leaked video and he ended up being a good left tackle. Hopefully, this is not the case for Sewell.

3 Rashawn Slater

If he becomes the best player available, take the safe pick here why? He was one of the few players who stuffed Chase Young. If that doesn't sell you of how good of a tackle could be I don't know what does.

4 Ja'Marr Chase

If I was ranking which of these high-end receivers has the highest upside I'm going with Ja'Marr Chase. Definitely has the Odell Beckham background just none of the character issues in check which would make for a lot of sense if he went off the board.

5 Micah Parsons

From the tape, great ability showed, but some red flags have been discovered recently. Will this impact his fall? It could unless a team likes to have the risk-taker anchor a team that needs something in a bad way up the middle.

I can’t wait to see what he can do.

6 Kyle Pitts

Kyle Pitts in one sudden swoop is bailed to be this superweapon on offense. The high ceiling to me is maybe he becomes a Vernon Davis, or on a downscale of an Eric Eborn. He does have the skill, but how many guys do I need to hear being viewed as another Rob Gronkowski type? Seeing he has major high expectations to be a megastar from day 1. He better live up to his status of being picked as the highest Tight End in history potentially with teams that could actually risk going all in for him.

7 Zack Wilson

This would be the first that the Jets take a QB who doesn't feel like a robot. Zack Wilson has some attitude to him which is comparable to a Phillip Rivers or a Baker Mayfield. It could work, but I wouldn't be surprised if he has a not-so-stellar rookie season with a band of misfits to throw to. Long term he could be good, like the past thought it comes down to the organization in charge.

8 Patrick Surtain II

The top corner in every board out there. Surtain the II could very well follow in the footsteps of his father from a few decades ago. Lately, the lineage in the family has been proven to be successful.

9 Justin Fields

Fields is falling rapidly as the weeks heading into the draft. He went from second to all of a sudden who knows where he'll fall in the 1st round. I'd be a bit spectacle myself seeing no Ohio St QB has done well in the NFL. He either falls to the right team that could use his full capability, or he'll flame as among the others before him.

10 Devonta Smith

This could be a big game-changer or a massive bust depending on how you look at this. He isn't the only one I'm very skeptical of either highly rated. His teammate who will get to has a perk to him as well. It has been proven in past drafts that a team can still draft well in the later round for another wideout in place. Devonta Smith has some high comparison to Marvin Harrison. I see him as more of a Cole Beasley type the way his body is built. He just doesn't scream #1 WR. He could thrive though on a team with a second-stringer in place if you ask me.