Rating Random Songs #1

htoutlaws2012 I listen to a playlist of songs and see how I like or hate them from in this scale
A = legendary, B = Great, C = Okay, D = meh, E = Thumbs Down, F = Epic Fail

Get Away By Earshot B-
Cowboys From Hell by Pantera A-
Down With the Sickness by Disturbed B+
Holy Wars ... The Punishment Due by Megadeath C+
Purple Haze By The Jimi Hendrix Experience C+
Even Flow By Pearl Jam B
I Love you More Today than Yesterday C-
Runnin' With The Devil A-
Rock you Like A Hurricane By Scorpions B+
Unsung By Helmet C+
Addicted By P.O.D C
Seasons Of The Abyss By Slayer B
The Kill By Thirty Seconds To Mars C-
Devil's Choir By Black Veil Brides E

Rise Today By Alter Bridge B
Before I forget By Slipknot B-
Click Click Boom By Saliva B+
Cult Of Personality By Living Colour A-
Stairway to Heaven By Led Zeppelin A
Thunder Kiss '65 By White Zombie C
Price To Pay By Staind C+
Amoeba By The Adolescents C+
Bad Reputation By Joan Jett B
I Don't Wanna Stop By Ozzy Osbourne B+
Unstable By Adema C+