The Angry Outlaw Episode #5 Plumbers Don't Wear Ties

htoutlaws2012 Console: The 5th generation of gaming was very interesting there was like 12 consoles in the market some great, some terrible, but the one that will talk about today is the 3DO. Panasonic wanted to put out a console just all the other companies but what stands out the most is that this console is worth $700 dollars LIKE REALLY! The 3DO had it's fair share of decent games and some god awful ones which is very fitting cause there is one infamous game that was in my dream and that is Plumbers Don't Wear Ties.

The Game?: Plumbers Don't wear Ties is considered to be one of the worst games of all time. Well I surely haven't heard anyone say it's good nor passable. Some say it isn't a game it's an absolute joke well let's take a look. First off it's a Click game which In a way counts as a game, and second Look at these HORRENDOUS still images it doesn't move whatsoever WHAT WERE THEY THINKING! In the year 1994 the internet was not as fast as it was today, but what's weird about that is the only part that actually moves like a movie is at the very beginning WHY COULDN'T IT BE LIKE THAT! Anyway Moving on to the story you have these two main characters John & Jane whom are pressured to find someone to love and blah! blah! blah! like every other game with a generic love story. The game has some censored parts in the game that they blatantly imply in front of your face. Moving on to the parking lot were they both meet each other Jane goes to a job interview only to find out that the boss is a ''pervert'' with his infamous line ''TAKE YOUR DAMN CLOTHES OFF.'' She gets away and runs in public with her clothes off yeah I know what? Oh that's not the worst part they literally imply all the wrong info to the gamer like the title itself when he is wearing a tie and towards the end of the game wear their in another building they say later the night when really it still looks daylight in the WINDOW like what? Lastly It certainly doesn't feel like a game nor does it feel like watching a movie it's absolutely pathetic.

The Backlash: I would hope nobody paid $700 dollars for a 3DO only to get this game for yourself you'll really get torched threw it's craptivity. On a side note the acting sucks, the narrating is terrible, and really horrifying editing is also key for how bad this game was trying to be, and by trying they must of really tried so hard for it to accomplish being the worst game in existence. Oh have I not mentioned the Developer of this game how rude of me. Kirin Entertainment, not as well known as some other famous ones some I've already reviewed. Supposedly they were apart of 2 PC games after that abomination but not exactly sure about that and the last they were ever seen was at the 98' E3 conference making you believe they were finished just from one game so bad that made people in the 90's go ''wow these guys blow.''

Next Review we continue our journey in the 90's to another system that spawned some really horrific games what could it be stay tuned.


This is a horrible game! Also, I'm guessing Atari Jaguar. - Martinglez

Or virtual boy. - Skullkid755