Rating Random Songs #2

htoutlaws2012 I listen to a playlist of songs and see how I like or hate them from in this scale
A = legendary, B = Great, C = Okay, D = meh, E = Thumbs Down, F = Epic Fail

Nothing Left By As I Lay Dying C
Ride of Your Life By Neurotica C
Friday By Rebecca Black F-----
Cryin' Like A B!tch By Godsmack C+
Rammstein By Rammstein B
Suck It Up By HED P.E C
Aces High By Iron Maiden B+
Highway To Hell By AC/DC A+
Monsters By Matchbook Romance B-
96 Quite Bitter Beings By CKY C+
Shimmy By System Of A Down B-
Cold Chills By Kix C
The Way It Ends By Prototype C-
Party Hard By Andrew W.K B-
Painkiller By Judas Priest A
Stupid Hoe By Nicki Minaj F-----
Gangnam Style By Psy D-
Wrecking Ball By Miley Cyrus F--
Divinations By Mastodon B
Debonaire By Dope C
Sricken By Disturbed A-
The Fight Song By Marilyn Manson C+
Step Up By Drowning Pool B+
Martyr No More By Fozzy D+
Bloodlines By Dethklok C


Is that Martyr No More by Fozzy? - NuMetalManiak

Yes! - htoutlaws2012