Frozen Review-idontknow

idontknow So you have been hearing the rumors,Is Frozen The New Lion King.Let me tell you Its a big No.And here is why.Also Spoilers are [ ]

The story is that there is 2 Sisters,Anna And Elsa,Elsa head shots Anna with her ice power,to live the trolls have to remove her Anna ice powers and then Elsa is locked forever and spoilers [ ] [their parents goes away and they die cliche.]And More.

This review will be split into to 2,the 1st half will be the positive and the 2nd half will be the negatives.So starting with the

The films visual effects and animations are stunning,one of the best I Have seen,the special effects are gorgeous.The characters are good too,but not all of them but the main ones are good and Of course I Love Olaf and Sven.The jokes were funny too and there is adult humor there too so that's good.There is a twist near the end and I Loved that they changed it(More on spoiler talk,end of review).

This film is BOMBARDED With annoying,stupid songs.The film heavily focuses on the songs and its ANNOYING. Don't let your daughters watch Frozen unless you want to hear them sing Let It Go for 24/7.The film is full of usual Disney cliches too,despite that one twist,everything before that is cliches and the film was originally intended to be BAD ASS.The film was originally going to be Elsa the villain and I Will explain what I Think of that on the spoiler talk below the review.But that stupid song Let it go which can die in hell destroyed that bad assment and changed it entirely.The Trolls are terrible too.
Ultimately Frozen is not bad,but not great.Its not the Lion King and go watch the Lion King instead.I Will say Frozen is average,for me its okay.Despites its flaw its still a PASSABLE TIME.Now SPOILER ALERT TALK.


The twist that I Liked was the true love twist,because your true love is not some gay prince,no its your family or whats left of it and that a cool twist.

The part where the film,I Think was supposed to get bad ass was the part when Elsa has the 2 kings man and are about to kill them.them. Thats the part where I Was dissapointed because Elsa could have been the villain,Anna would have to destroy her only family to save everyone and more stuff,That would have been Bad ass.But thanks to let it go that did not happen.
Also the parents dying cliche.That happens in almost every Disney film.