The Legend Of Zelda Trilogy

idontknow The Legend Of Zelda is a popular game and my favorite. But I consider there to be a trilogy, yes there is multiple timeline, but I like to think the zelda trilogy is:

Ocarina Of Time

Majora's Mask
Twilight Princess.

I think the other games are histories(like skyward sword) told within the trilogy

The Wind Waker trilogy I treat as a different trilogy( Wind Waker is fantastic, but the other two were not that good in my eyes).

I Think this is the best trilogy of video games ever, the zelda one. What do you think?

Ocarina Of Time(Fantastic)
Majora's Mask(My Favorite game of all time)
Twilight Princess(Brilliant)

The Wind Waker trilogy( a different trilogy in my eyes)

Wind Waker(Amazing)

Phantom Hourglass and Spirits Track(meh)


Ocarina of Time (great, but my least favorite 3D game)
Majoras Mask (I love IT)
Twilight Princess (brilliant)

But if we see this so, maybe the PS2 Tales of games.
Legendia (It's a good game) - visitor

You make it sound more like of a trilogy than I do, all 3 of them are brilliant and the last 3 below, I sadly have not played yet, I am planning to though. - idontknow