Five Nights At Freddy's 2 Review-idontknow

idontknow So The original five nights at Freddy's game was a good game,sure not the scariest game ever and not a masterpiece,but it was an entertaining game.However the sequels are a different story.Before we jump in the review let me just tell you that its not even a year yet and we have a 3rd game. And I will review the 2nd one today.NOTE:If you loved the 2nd one,then you might hate me.

So Five Nights At Freddy's is a prequel to the 1st game taking place around 1987,and that's the difference of the story except you get these mini games which does tell you piece of the lore.

Now I was really excited to play this game but it has just been 2 months and that got me concerned.I turned all the lights off and started playing and it was a sloppy mess.

First of all I enjoyed half of night 1,the game does have its creepy moments.But it's a boring game.One of the gimmicks of the game is that there are 0 doors,but you have a mask which protects you from the anomotronics and that's kind of like the door,just not for Foxy.When you die you get to play a mini game,buts its slow and just sleep worthy.Remember the 1st game and the creepy tone it had,now throw that out the window and replace it with tons of predictable,lazy jumpscares,tons of unnecessary anomatronics and none of the charm of the 1st game. Thats the sequel.Its just a really boring game and it has too much anomotronics,like too many and the jumpscares were not scary.It's basically the jumpscares you seen those awful Hollywood horror movies.The sound effects like the children laughing and sayind hello is cliched by now.

Ultimately Five Nights At Freddy's 2 is a bad sequel,its boring,everything has worn out by now and its not scary. I will Give Five Nights At Freddy's 2 a 1 star. */***** Its a crappy,rushed,sloppy sequel and its not worth your time.


Fnaf 2 was pretty good to me. And To be honest, I don't really like fnaf 3. Otherwise, good review. - nintendofan126

That's great, we all have our own opinions and that makes interaction more interesting, also a quick review of fnaf3, its one of the worst games, thank you. - idontknow

1st Game was good, but then we got 2 and 3 which were both rushed and terrible. 4 was fine, and then SL was great. - DCfnaf