Best Harry Styles Songs (Solo Career)

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The Top Ten
1 Kiwi (Harry Styles) Kiwi (Harry Styles) Cover Art

Literally one of the greatest songs of all time

2 She (Fine Line) She (Fine Line) Cover Art
3 Sign of the Times (Harry Styles) Sign of the Times (Harry Styles) Cover Art


4 Golden (Fine Line)

This is such a good song to vibe to and you can never get bored of it!

YES! The BEST Harry song
*simping intensifies*

5 Watermelon Sugar (Fine Line) Watermelon Sugar (Fine Line) Cover Art

YES. I know what it's about tho so uhm-

love these songs

6 Meet Me in the Hallway Meet Me in the Hallway Cover Art
7 From the Dining Table From the Dining Table Cover Art

Another one if my favorites of all time

8 Falling (Fine Line) Falling (Fine Line) Cover Art
9 Ever Since New York (Harry Styles)
10 Two Ghosts (Harry Styles) Two Ghosts (Harry Styles) Cover Art
The Contenders
11 Carolina (Harry Styles)
12 Woman (Harry Styles) Woman (Harry Styles) Cover Art
13 To Be So Lonely (Fine Line) To Be So Lonely (Fine Line) Cover Art
14 Fine Line Fine Line Cover Art
15 Cherry (Fine Line) Cherry (Fine Line) Cover Art
16 Sunflower, Vol. 6 (Fine Line)
17 Sweet Creature (Harry Styles) Sweet Creature (Harry Styles) Cover Art

Sweet creature is my favourite song if you couldn't tell already by my username lol

18 Adore You Adore You Cover Art


19 Lights Up Lights Up Cover Art
20 Canyon Moon Canyon Moon Cover Art
21 Only Angel Only Angel Cover Art

BEST SONG EVER. gives me confidence to peruse my dream career

22 Treat People With Kidness (Fine Line)

I love the title AND the song.