Best Little Mix Albums

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1 Confetti (2020) Confetti (2020) Product Image

It has such versatility & is filled with dance music. The lead single Break Up song is their most intense in quality, pacing & power though Shout Out to my Ex has their biggest vocals. This's 80's inspired as well.

2 LM5 (2018) LM5 (2018) Product Image

I personally think that this album is the best from Little Mix. It has so many bops and each song in this album is powerful in it's own way! The lead single was Woman Like Me which was a good song and Little Mix always wanted to collab with Nicki and it was great! This album has a lot of female enpowerment songs. Each song is unique and it had awesome harmonies and vocals were super good. It has awesome lyrics as well and this era was special to them. The whole album is iconic and superior. I loved every song from this album and it's just amazing that they could still be able to make amazing music up until now. My favorites from this album are: Woman Like Me, Strip, Monster In Me, Joan of Arc, Wasabi, More Than Words and Woman's World.

3 Salute (2013) Salute (2013) Product Image
4 Glory Days (2016) Glory Days (2016) Product Image
5 Get Weird (2015) Get Weird (2015) Product Image
6 DNA (2012) DNA (2012) Cover Art
7 Between Us (2021) Between Us (2021) Cover Art