Things that Should Happen to Roberto Nevilis

since many people in the world hate Roberto Nevilis because Roberto Nevilis invented homework, this list is probably for you.
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The Top Ten
1 Homework gets banned
2 We make a Goanimate grounded video of him
3 The teachers quit giving out homework
4 Assemble an angry mob of people/TheTopTens users who hate homework to chase after roberto nevilis
5 He meets the devil and is killed
6 Roberto nevilis is forced to complete all of his homework he gave to millions of people as revenge
7 we kill him for his homework eating peoples free times
8 He gets slapped to death by calling needle “needy”
9 Roberto nevilis dies in a lava pit
10 He eats pie and pie hunter chases after him
The Contenders
11 Roberto nevilis gets buried alive
12 Roberto nevilis gets grounded forever
13 He is sent to Venus
14 roberto nevilis goes to prison
15 2,000,000,000 pals for Roberto Nevilis (200 hour special)
16 Roberto nevilis seeks help
17 Roberto nevilis is forced to listen to justin bieber's music until his ears bleed
18 Roberto nevilis takes a trip to the black hole
19 Dumb ways to die with roberto nevilis
20 roberto nevilis travels to the bermuda triangle
21 He competes in bfdi and is first to be eliminated
22 Link kills roberto nevilis by using the master sword
23 Bowser kidnaps roberto nevilis
24 roberto nevilis gets cancer
25 The teen titans take down roberto nevilis
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