1st blog show post today spongebob isnt better than the simpsons

simpsondude this is short 3 reasons cause im in a hurry ok starting now

1.the simpsons are funnier like spongbob good but not funny also spongebob is annoying

2.bart simpson is better than patrick like barts awesome and patrick not as good

3.mr.krabs isnt better than homer homer is funnier and duh is a cool quote also mr. krabs doesnt care about pearl

ok bye gotta eat nexxt one after tommorow bye hope you comment on my lists tell the third looney tunes movie


I respect your opinion, and I'm going to post my opinion.

Spongebob is entertaining but it does not make me laugh.

Bart is kind of old and washed up, not funny anymore, All he does is say 'Eat my shorts! ' and make stupid jokes about butts and his own father. Yet he has lots and lots of merchandise mostly made in 2002 - 2008.

Homer is also super washed up like Bart, All that he says is 'Doh! ' and it happens every single episode, Wouldn't you get tired of something that went on for 25 years? - visitor

SpongeBob IS better than The Simpsons - PatrickStar