Simpsondude Rants - Biased Anime Fans

simpsondude Now first let me get something straight i said BIASED which means now all of them also i think they're the most annoying cartoon fan group (Weeaboos) yes even worse than bronies.They say "Animes are so much better than american cartoons" and when someone says they dont like it they attack them and say "You're being racist because anime is japanese",which is quite annoying for example on mr cool faces list titled "Reasons why anime sucks" well i didn't like that he said it sucks but the comments were really defining biased.One of those said "Mr cool face more like mr dick face".I understand you might like anime but you dont have to say something that rude well mr cool face was rude too but i guess they're even then but the comment got alot of likes meaning that there are alot of other annoying weeaboos.They also say that every anime is perfect which also bugs me now not trying to be mean but i dont like anime i only like dragonball and avatar.Now im sure that some biased anime fan will come and attack me in the comments and try to get everyone to hate me yes they can be THAT biased,well i guess thats enough for this time and dont forget to read my previous one about nicki minaj so see ya 'till next time which is on saturday.Sorry i made it too early now the schedule changed.


Suppose I make a list on "Why Cartoons Sucks! ", and give inaccurate and horrible reasons justifying that list (like cartoons suck because they have horrible voice acting, or maybe that cartoons require no talent making them). Would cartoon fans leave that list away like that and mind their own business? Definitely no! That's what mrcoolface deserved when he made the "Why anime sucks! " list. When you know nothing about anime other than Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon, then how can you make an accurate list on that. Mrcoolface doesn't even what anime are like and he made that list with no clear knowledge about it!

Also this post makes everything clear who is the real biased group here. Please leave our fan-group alone.

What we demanded was not to disturb our fan group, but in lists solely concerning anime, mrcoolface didn't mind his own business and attacked those lists for no reason. As for us, we never attack a cartoon list. So who is the real biased fan-group here? Anime fanboys or Cartoon Fanboys? - visitor

I think both and no offense but your making it sound like your fan groups are some ritual elitists when really, it's just animation. Mrcoolface was just stating his opinions and yes, it may be a bit too harsh but then again, you do the samethings you hypocrite. I don't watch anime myself so why should I bother. I'm not attacking you because you like anime but please, stop making it sound like we're nuking your town. - visitor

We do the same? I can but only laugh at your comment, SuperHyperdude. Anime fans never attack cartoon lists. Tell me in which way we are hypocrites, SuperHyperdude? Please search all the lists in TheTopTens and tell which anime fan made a bad list on cartoons. When SelfDestruct can be blasted off by attacking for Jackie Evanchio and deadmau5, why don't you all say that's hypocricy too. You sympathise with Mrcoolface, but with SelfDestruct it's no. For me what SelfDestruct and mrcoolface did was completely wrong. Without enough knowledge on something, you can't make a negative list about it. - visitor

Well, for one egnomac attacked cartoons as well as other visitors and they're is a difference between SelfDestruct and mrcoolface, mrcoolface only made one list about it and only stated it was just his opinion and if you want to bash someone who bashes anime, bash Beans because like I said. Mrcoolface didn't bash anime because he only made one list and he didn't bash other people who liked anime. SelfDestruct on the other hand, just continually bashes deadmau5 and Jackie Evancho, he makes tons of list of bad things about Jackie Evancho. Mrcoolface had reasons, SelfDestruct just acts like a kid with Tourrettes Syndrome and never explains any reason. Reply to me again if I deserve another spanking - visitor

Every once in a while you get someone like Kiteretsunu, but most of the time they're people who would attack you if you said you hated Pokemon. - Puga