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TOP 10 Wedding photographers edit companies.
None of wedding photographers manage to do their job in time without help of professional image editing services, particularly during the peak of the season -summer. Especially, if we talk about its last month. A professional wedding photographer who is very good at his wok, will barely be able to attend weddings, so it's obvious that he doesn't have time to edit wedding photos. Especially since newlyweds are very impatient, many couples want to get their pictures in a week! Just think about it!
This is why photographers have an urgent need for trustworthy photo editing services.
Today you'll learn about a review of photography editing services by Leslie Flores. So if you want to go into details, go and check her work! Top 10 wedding photographers edit services reviews
Leslie has evaluated the work of the various sites offering wedding editing. As evaluation criteria she chose the most important factors:
- How fast the site works
- Quality of work
- How retouchers follow the photographer's style
- Price of professional photo editing
- Site usability and content
- Speed of a request processing
- Time that she needs to spend on the full creation of the order
- Amount of time spent by photo editing service
Well, that's fair enough, isn't it?
As you probably understood from the title, she tested 10 wedding photo editing services.
She had made the same order on each one of them: to organize photos into groups, select the best and edit some of them. There were also requirements for processing.
All that was required from one or another wedding photography editing service was to make a little color correction, and one of the main requirements was that wedding photo editor followed the photographer's style. So Leslie attached to order examples of her completed work.
Which of the professional photo editing service is the best? Let's find out.
Taking into account the overall assessment that Leslie gave to each site, the top three of the best sites, specializing in wedding photo editing, included:
1. Photo Editing Company
This site is indeed a real professional photo editing company. Leslie's experience with it proves that. Both the price and the spent time were minimal. The site is also easy to understand and contains everything you need. You'll find everything you want here. And if you don't, you can always send a message and get answers to all the questions.
2. Wedding retouching
This wedding photo editing service was ranked as the second one in the top-three. Leslie assessed the quality and price of their services above all. The lowest estimate, ironically, received the content of this site. It can be said that the site is something that can always be improved, but quality and price made this company, which specializes in wedding photography editing, highly recommended.
3. We Edit Photos
The third site is the website dedicated to editing wedding photography, with a very clear name that directly tells you what they are doing. It is very important to note that this is the site that received the highest points for the three most important components, namely the price, quality, and imitation of the photographer's style. Even the previous two sites did the last of the wedding photo edit task not as good as We Edit Photos.
Well, it was the three best photography editing services, in other words, the most trusted assistants to the wedding photographer, accordindg to Leslie Flores. With all the above in mind, I absolutely agree with her.
There's another website that is not in the top three, but it still deserves to be told about. Fix the photo offers different services, including wedding photography edit too. It is remarkable that, just like the previous site, it also got nine points out of ten exactly for similarity between professional photo editing and the author's one. The maximum quantity of points has also been picked by quality.
When I told you the best, I couldn't help but warn you of the worst. It is very important to know what photographers edit is not goo at all. Save your money, and most importantly your time! And nerves.
The first worst site in the list is called Shootdotedit. The only thing this site can boast of is its speed.
The worst thing is shoot dot edit promo code. Who in the future uses this technology? This fact is already being set up with scepticism about this site. So, what's next? Of course, shootdotedit pricing. Price is one of the main criteria for selecting a service. The prices of this site are not just unjustified, but also you'll have to spend a lot of time to figure them out! This is unlikely to be possible without the help of the shoot dot edit reviews. I mean, you have to take the time to read it and finally understand the pattern of this service. It seems that shootdotedit complicates this whole process on purpose.
Another thing about this site that can just drive you cazy is that you have to subscribe to their site and pay even before you have seen the shootdotedit before and after. Where is the guarantee that their service suits you?
The next is Photographers edit. The quality of their work got one of the lowest point. I think it's not worth discussing this service further. You can find details about it in the Leslie article or in the photographers edit reviews.
The next site is not the best one, but you can't consider it as the worst.
Evolve edit review will be the last thing we're going to be discussing today. The price and site of this company has been rated five out of ten possible. The highest mark this site was given for the speed. All other characteristics are also average, so it is not possible to say that the site stands out in a positive or negative way.
That's all you need to know about the best and worst photography editing services.