Top 10 Things that You Know Xander Wants to Do with Lammy from the Parappa the Rapper Franchise

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The Top Ten

Have sex with her

I'd totally jam that lamb if you know what I'm saying (drools) - xandermartin98

Cover her entire naked body with lube

"Can I please cover all YOUR shapes with this LUBE?! " - xandermartin98

Sneak inside her head via ear canals and explore her brain for scientific research purposes

RIGHT, of course I'm doing it for "scientific research purposes" - xandermartin98

Just a bit creepy bud. - Puga

I bet I could probably find her guitar in there if you know what I'm saying (wink, wink) - xandermartin98

Spy on her in the shower

"I watched for hours and hours even when you took a shower, making mental pics of all of your SHAPES! " - xandermartin98

Wear bondage outfits and whip each other while singing "I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee" and the like
Have her literally play his shaft like a guitar

MY GUITAR IS IN MY MIND - xandermartin98

Put her into a four-way sex square between her, himself, Parappa and Katy

Personally, I don't even care if Parappa is quite possibly grossly underaged (in my opinion, that just makes it even BETTER) - xandermartin98

Have her walk all over his face with her sweaty bare feet and force him to lick and suck them


Hook up a milking machine to her breasts
Play music with her

Almost any sensible person's #1 besides "Hug And Cuddle Her" - xandermartin98

Literally WITH her - xandermartin98