M2M was a Norwegian teen pop duo consisting of Marit Larsen and Marion Raven, both of which provided vocals, guitar, piano and songwriting. They released two albums, “Shades of Purple” and “The Big Room”, in 2000 and 2002, respectively. Both albums received universal acclaim internationally and were praised for their authentic lyrics and their acoustic outfit and were named way ahead of other teen pop records . The singers were 14 and 15 when their debut album was released.

After the release of “The Big Room”, Larsen and Raven parted ways due to artistic differences, each pursuing a successful solo career . M2M's songs always have a very soft and delicate touch, almost always feature acoustic guitars and have simple and memorable melodies . Their lyrics involve around the problems of a teenage girl's life, including lack of self esteem, not wanting to rush into a relationship or suffering from lovesickness.

Their best known song is "Don't Say You Love Me", which was also featured on the western soundtrack of "Pokémon - The First Movie" .

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