Top 10 Best Mac Lethal Songs

Greatest Mac lethal songs known to date. Mac lethal is a great hip hop artist that makes an extreme amount of internet success. Enjoy

The Top Ten

1 Calm Down Baby

Great song its got fantastic flow and is a perfect don't give a care song

2 Alphabet Insanity

One of the fastest rap songs ever became a YouTube sensation and got him on television

3 Make Out Bandit

Funny song great song in the perspective of a player

4 You're vs Your

Good song it became popular on the internet and its got good and extremely fast lyrics

5 Backward

Great song the sample is just straight up fantastic

6 Jake + Olive

Very personal storytelling song about his grandparents life story. Great song

7 Wooooo!!!!!!

This songs got some great lyrics and the hook is upbeat

8 I'm Odd

Great sample and it's a very calm rap song it's a fantastic song
P.S. the song its sampled from is called I'm god

9 Nerdy White Kid Kills Look at Me Now

This is the sing that pretty much got him famous it started off as a YouTube sensation

10 Inohowutheenk

One of the saddest break up songs I have ever heard

The Contenders

11 Pizza Order
12 Feel It in the Air
13 Twisted
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