Top 10 Mac Sabbath Songs

Mac Sabbath is a parody band of Black Sabbath, they play Black Sabbath songs with McDonald's themed lyrics and they're dressed as McDonalds characters.

The Top Ten

1 Chicken for the Slaves

I do love metal but I also love parodies, including metal parodies / parody bands. - Metal_Treasure

Parody of Children of the Grave, this is the first song they released online (as a demo the video however has since been removed)

I hope this band makes a full studio album soon, it will be hilarious to hear BS songs with McDonalds related lyrics being preformed by McDonalds characters. - christangrant

2 Frying Pan

Parody of Iron Man - christangrant

3 Pair-a-Buns

Parody of Paranoid

This song was their first song to get a music video. - christangrant

4 More Ribs

I don't like War Pigs very much but I like pork ribs, so yeah - more ribs! - Metal_Treasure

Parody of War Pigs - christangrant

5 Sweet Beef

Parody of Sweet Leaf - christangrant

6 N.I.B.B.L.E.

Parody of N.I.B. - christangrant

7 Lord of the Swirled

Parody of Lord of This World - christangrant

8 Zipping Up the Uniform

Parody of Symptom of the Universe - christangrant

9 Organic Funeral

Parody of Electric Funeral - christangrant

Yup, sounds healthier, LOL - Metal_Treasure

10 Cherries are Fruits

Parody of Fairies Wear Boots - christangrant

The Contenders

11 Brand of Doom

Parody of Hand of Doom - christangrant

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