Best Machinae Supremacy Songs

Top 10 songs by Swedish metal band Machinae Supremacy, founders of the awesome SID-metal genre.

The Top Ten

1 Through the Looking Glass

I heard this song on the radio - Ajkloth

The very first MaSu song I heard. Beautiful piano intro and epic chorus. - BeeBlue

2 A View From the End of the World

A song that is very easy to like, and for good reasons. Good chorus, even better bridge and one of MaSu's best solos. Also, am I the only one that hears the word "Viewtiful" at 2:17? Awesome gaming reference if so. - BeeBlue

When I think of Machinae this is the song I think of first. in my opinion it should be number one.
ps. BeeBlue... I looked it up on 5 different sources and listened to it over and over again and I'd say I'm 95% sure they say "beautiful". Gotta admit the Viewtiful Joe reference would've been cool though - Schwagg

3 Sidology Episode II - Trinity

THE instrumental of this musical generation. I seriously can't think of any better. - BeeBlue

4 Republic of Gamers

This songs a perfect example of what this band can do when they get the blend of metal and sid sounds just right. - Schwagg

Best song from their newest album, no doubt. - BeeBlue

5 Edge and Pearl
6 Violator
7 Indiscriminate Murder Is Counter-Productive
8 Rise of a Digital Nation
9 Hubnester Rising

My favorite song in the whole world. Nothing else to add.

10 Bionic Commando

The Contenders

11 Truth of Tomorrow
12 Fan Va Coolt

I had to include at least one song from Jets'n'Guns. If you haven't played the game, seriously do it. It's a great game. If not for the gameplay, at least for the music. - BeeBlue

13 Player One
14 Need for Steve
15 Endgame
16 Loot Burn Rape Kill Repeat
17 Anthem Apocalyptica
18 Machinae Prime
19 Persona
20 Legion of Stoopid
21 Dark City

I walk in to the train graveyard...

22 All of My Angels
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